Friday, August 18, 2006

Sheep Challenge, Almost FO's and other ramblings....

Woolly Wormhead left a comment that sparked my seems she has challenged bloggers who want to participate to take pictures of sheep...and NOT the real grass eating kind. So, since I have some of these sheep living in my home I'm posting my pictures here today...hopefully I'll have more later!

Of course you know who's first...Lammi Ewejean thinks she's the star!


"The Scottish Ruler"--really hasn't gotten a real name yet! That's just what I call her right now!

And the newest...

Here are a couple "Almost FO's":

The Jaywalkers you've been reading about...unblocked! But hey, all the ends are woven in! These are fun to make, especially with Trekking XXL. I told you this was going to be a "Sock Christmas" and I've got an early start! And the latest pair I've started...the school colors of my FAVORITE college--there will be those who read this who disagree with my FAVORITE College, because I live within 30 minutes of...gulp...the Hokies ~yuck~! I know I'll get some negative comments from this but it's all in fun! I'm a proud UVA fan from a proud UVA family...and these socks are for one of my family members, I can't say who just in case they happen upon this blog...I doubt that would ever happen but you never know!

This is the unfinished baby sweater I've been working on. The pattern is from one of my oldest pattern books...Brunswick Babies, it's been out of print since the 80's. I've made this sweater many, many times and this time I made a major screw up which caused me to frog the entire thing after I had already gotten it to this same finishing stage! It's knit from the top down and there are 3 different "insert" versions to choose from. It's very quick and easy...I'm glad I've held onto this pattern book. The baby isn't due until December and the happy couple (NO--NOT ME) are not going to find out ahead of time, they want the surprise--which you can't blame them, except I want it to be a girl!

I HAVE ARRIVED! Who would have thought that almost a year ago when I started this blog that a star of the "Knit Blogging World" would visit my blog and leave me a comment! Thanks so much are one of those who inspired me to start my own keep me laughing with every post!

I've added a new feature to my blog...the "FrapperMap" wasn't working like it was supposed I got the "ClusterMap". My blog gets lots of hits but not very many comments and I'm always interested in who's reading my ramblings....I guess I'm boring everyone to death! SO--now I can see all around the world where my blog is being looked at or read!

Keep on Knittin' & Spinnin'!!


gourdongirl said...

I'm doing the "sheep challenge" too!

Love the Jaywalkers in the trekking. I still haven't done that pattern and I have some of the same trekking so I might be tempted to do some as yours look really brilliant.

I check your blog on a regular basis, well nearly every day in fact just so I can keep tabs on what you are up too!


Mary said...

Jaywalkers are nice! And I'm usually not a fan of orange or faux-isle sock yarns, but I like yours! And you sure have a sheep-laod of sheep! ;-)

tangelled angel said...

Yay, love the sheep challange!!!
I need to hit the shops and get some proper photos of products, and look like a mad lunatic at the same time!!