Tuesday, August 08, 2006

I have the BEST Secret Pal!

I know I've said that before but it needs to be said over & over! I had a surprise in the mail yesterday...from across the pond!

A Birthday package from Scotland! She made me a pair of socks...I can't begin to say how much that means to me! I always plan and make gifts for Christmas & Birthdays...and the only other person in my life who makes me things is my wonderful hubby!
Secret Pal...these will be cherished and I can't wait to wear them...when it cools off! We are still experiencing HOT & HUMID weather here...when will it ever end?

Also included was a Scottish Favourites recipe book...I LOVE to cook and this will be using this often!

THANK YOU SP!!! The reveal to happen soon...Her birthday is coming up, I know 'cause I asked! Yet another thing we have in common...I tell ya we are like twins!

I'm still working on my Jaywalkers...

Notice the cute little bag beside Lammi? My friend JH caught me by surprise yesterday with this Lantern Moon silk bag...perfect for holding my sock yarn! Hubby wants to know if I'm going to knit while fishing now!

Oh--I've won another contest! Remember that Secret Pal Question I answered a week ago...need a refresher go here?
My goofy answer WON! I didn't even know it was a contest...I just answered knowing what my first reaction would be! I don't know what's coming but I'll post when it gets here!
A week ago I won Knitnana's contest...Thanks Sallee, sorry I didn't post a pic!
I think while I'm on a roll I'd better go buy a lottery ticket! Third times a charm!

Keep on Knittin' & Spinnin'...and keep in touch!


KnitNana said...

Well, yes you really MUST put up a photo! :) But if anyone wonders the fabric is Kitty City which is now out of print :(
Those are just lovely wonderful socks...what a cool SP you have! And your Jaywalkers are just wonderful, as I saw at knit/spin group last week!

secretpalgg said...

I'm so glad you liked the sox and cook book. Its been a pleasure being your Secret Pal....one more package to go, just putting it together. Yes I agree we do have A LOT in common, so much so its spooky at times!

I just knew you were the winner, when Bobbi mentioned it, coz your answer was so brilliant. well done on both prizes.

Just love the Jaywalkers btw!