Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Mail's Here! Mail's Here!!!!!!

Remember me saying I won the "Stolen Stash" prize...this is what came today!

And here's a close up of the item that "Bobbi" brought back from Amsterdam, she said in her note I would know which one it was. And like always I have to give my mascots names...the first thing that came to mind was...EweDaisy, because of the obvious but also the girl band "She Daisy"...get it?!

Well...Secret Pal 8 is coming to the end...and I'm very sad yet happy. I can't wait to get to know both my SP's better but also so sad that the fun comes to an end. I've has such fun putting together my packages...and "Spoiler" if you have figured me out and you are reading this...I hope you love this final package of SP8! My SP in Scotland...you have been the GREATEST! I can't praise you enough, the multitudes of e-cards, emails and snail-mail postcards, your packages and the surprise Birthday gift you sent that actually came on my Birthday--what timing! I've made a friend for life! Bobbi, again, you made perfect matches for me! And thanks for the prize package...I truly never expected it! Bobbi also learned about each of her participants...she send me a postcard from Miller Park--Home of the Milwaukee Brewers...I love baseball! One of the things on our list of things to do before we die is to visit as many ballparks as possible! I've been to 3 so far...Jack's been to 7!

While I'm posting pictures...here's the KnitNana checkbook cover I won...in the upper left corner is my birthday gift from my BIL & family--they attended an Orioles game and bought me this "Baseball Bracelet"!

And this came from my very special and long time friend, you often hear me picking on in various posts, Nancy. Yes, it's from Scotland! I'm afraid to use it for fear of breaking it...maybe on special occasions!

Jaywalkers are almost complete...I'm finishing the toe of the second one...and have cast on for the next pair...pictures to come later!

Keep on Knittin' & Spinnin'!!!!!!!


KnitNana said...

That Nancy's got GREAT taste! That is sooo pretty...and thank you for posting the kitty checkbook!
(love EweDaisy, too!)

Mary said...

I like EweDaisy! Reminds me of Lamby EweJean!

Mary said...

I like EweDaisy! Reminds me of Lamby EweJean!

Bobbi said...

Glad you liked your package. I'm flattered by your comments about perfect matches. Thanks. If you ever get to WI for a Brewers game, let me know.

laurie said...

That tea set is gorgeous!

Woolly Wormhead said...

EweDaisy looks like she wants to be part of the 'Sheep Challenge' ;)