Saturday, August 19, 2006

It's Official...I'M SPOILED!

For some of you out there you'll be very surprised and maybe you should make note of the fact I'm speechless!
Where do I begin--Oh yeah...the mailman knocked at my door this afternoon (and not our regular mailman--so it's a good thing I didn't rush him), funny thing is he looked a lot like the old (before the hair cut) Billy Ray, I've never been a fan just that's who he looked like.
This is what he handed me---

Julia was getting ready to leave for work and wanted to see what I had...knowing how impatient she is I knew what was next...

More to open...just like Christmas!

When I opened it I was...was...oh yeah, SPEECHLESS! My SP had made me this BEAUTIFUL sage green shawl! It's just like the socks she sent me for my Birthday, something handmade. I'm always making things for other people, but to have someone make something for me...all that work and love into a piece...for's amazing!

I can't wait to wear it...but it will be displayed all the time!

Oh...the other packages, sorry I'm still flabbergasted by the shawl!

There is a book on the History of Scotland, brochures, maps and a book about Lothian the area where she lives (so I can make more plans for our trip to Scotland), bookplates with a lighthouse scene on it, lighthouse playing cards, a beautiful ceramic lighthouse scene (which I thought I had taken a close up of--I'll post that later), a package of Scottish Macaroons (YUM!), and a huge lighthouse panel which I will quilt this winter--I just know know if I'll use it for a lap blanket or wallhanging!

Two gorgeous watercolor notecards with scenes of lighthouses on them. There's also a beautiful postcard of the lighthouse on Ball Rock in Frith of Forth, also a postcard of a beautiful "Flower of Scotland--the Thistle (which all will be mounted and framed). The latter also included the information I've been waiting for...THE BIG REVEAL--The identity of my Spoiler...she's been the absolute GREATEST! I hope the hostesses of SP8 take a good look at all she has done! If nothing else GourdonGirl--I appreciate it more than you will ever know and the best part is...I've made a new friend! It's very spooky the simularities between Forrest Gump would say "we are like peas & carrots"!

Some BEAUTIFUL lighthouse buttons, which I'll be searching for a new cardigan pattern so I can show them off on a garment instead of just adding them to the button collection. And some stitchmarkers, which I suspect she has made them...stitch markers are becoming the latest thing I'm collecting.

I guess I don't need to say that I collect lighthouses! I think that's obvious!

I just had to take the shawl outside to photograph...the only problem is all the nasty hot weather we had during the month of July has left my gardens pretty I used the pond. By the way...we have new frogs and as soon as I can I'll post pictures of the little buggers! Jeremiah the bullfrog (remember the song), R.I.P was murdered last summer by the mean cat across the street...he would have been 4 years old this summer. I miss the jug-o-rum every not a drink, the frog calling his girl!

I have my package for Ireland all ready to mail on if you are reading this Aileen...I'm not telling what's in it!

Let the friendship begin...not that it already hasn't!

Keep on Knittin' & Spinnin'


Anonymous said...

Holy Cow!!! Now that's an SP that acts like a family member! What special gifts she has showered you with. I'd be lost for words too! I think I need an SP but first I need a blog!!!! I know, I know.
Diana in Roanoke

gourdongirl said...

I'm so glad that you liked the package I sent. It has been a pleasure and an honour to be your SP, now a great friend, its like I've known you all my life!!!!!

I really enjoyed seeking out things to send you it was exciting and a challenge to get unusual stuff, not neccessarily knitting related either.

KnitNana said...

THAT's WONDERFUL! What a great SP!!! And I just love the shawl...had NO idea you liked lighthouses...hmmm...

Tara said...

WOW. That shawl is gorgeous. I was thinking about doing the SP thing, but now I'm intimidated--I don't think I could find the time to spoil my spoilee as they deserve.

Nice haul! ;-)

Spinningfishwife said...

Lol...I watched her knit that shawl! I wondered who it was for.

(And yes, she`s a great person to have as a friend. ;-) )

Mary said...

I love those lighthouse buttons! And since you like lighthouses, stay tuned for tomorrow's blog post of pictures from my recent vacation....

Mary said...

I love those lighthouse buttons! And since you like lighthouses, stay tuned for tomorrow's blog post of pictures from my recent vacation....