Saturday, August 05, 2006

Pairt Ceithir--I mean Tri

SP-forgive me if it's wrong--I'm trying!

Are you tired of me yet?

Okay, I realized I forgot one of the BEST Irish pubs we’ve visited yet! On Friday afternoon we took a late lunch because of the ballgame…My Celtic soul was VERY happy---This is a new business and VERY glad we found it! Maggie Moore's--I loved this place…it’s housed in an old insurance building built in 1857, and it appears they kept as much of the old architecture as possible…including the gold leaf words on the windows from the former Insurance Company, the tin ceiling tiles and all the old wood. The food was great—and the ale even better! My first time having Smithwicks Ale (excellent), I’ve had Guinness before, the bottles stuff you get here in the states, but I’m waiting until I get to Ireland/Scotland to have the REAL thing to pass judgment! And…the dessert (are you getting the picture—I like my desserts) was an Irish custard called “Posset Chuchulainn” (my SP’s can correct me if that’s not a traditional dessert), it’s a lemon custard covered in a blueberry compote with shortbreads on the side…YUM!

Saturday was our day to return home…and Jack already knew that I had a stop I needed to make! About 35 miles west of Baltimore was a very special knitting shop I wanted to visit—Knittin’ Chicks in Mount Airy, Md. This shop is very easily accessible from I-70, you only have to travel a couple of miles into town. There was a very interesting Antique shop we passed but I was on a mission! We very easily found the Knittin’ Chicks which has the outward appearance of being a chicken coop…just a long narrow building painted a bright yellow! Jack, who always, opts to find something else to do while I’m in the yarn shop—and he’s very good about it. I walk on up to the shop, first think I notice is the 40% off sign! My blood is coursing through my veins…I’m getting very excited…I get to the door and notice a second sign—CLOSED JULY 29TH! DAMN IT!
I’ve been denying myself yarn and fiber for 2 months waiting for this trip, saving money in hopes that I would come back with the MOTHER LODE—NOT!! So yet again, I slump back to the car—Jack knows not to ask what’s wrong, he can tell! Either that or he was afraid I’d rip the trunk lid off the car! He took a picture of their sign for me:

Looks like the perfect place for me Huh? Only curious thing about this sign is the fact they have a "rooster" knitting...I thought it said "Chicks"!!

So…again, I’m not going to pass judgment until I get into the yarn shop and meet the owner(s). Next time I’m not going to deprive myself…I’ll buy yarn if I want to!

Keep on Knittin' & Spinnin'


secretpalgg said...

What a night mare, all that inticipation....only to discover its closed on the day you visit!!!! Life sucks sometimes. But look on the bright side you had a great "Celtic Soul" lunch!

Bobbi said...

Can't have chicks WITHOUT a rooster!
Poor you-deprived yet again. ;-(

Mary said...

Oh man, that really bites! I guess that just means more money to spend on yarn at the next fiber festival! (Are you going to Montpelier, by the way?)