Wednesday, August 30, 2006

FO & Sheepie sightings....

Okay...You've heard me talking about them, here are some FO's---SOCKS-SOCKS--and more SOCKS!

Sheepie Sightings...are far and few between! I took a good look at my refrigerator and noticed this one came from a local "sleep center" as an advertisement for "Those with sleep this number, yada-yada-yada! Well I like the magnet but hated the blurb printed on I got out the ole white nail polish and painted it! TADA!!

I've started yet another pair of socks...these are going to be for my youngest son's girlfriend...the favorite...the one I WANT to be my daughter-in-law! I think they are waiting until she graduates college to make those decisions anyway she's a real sweetie and her favorite color is...purple. She's soon going to get real tired of the color, everything I make her is...purple!
I have enough sock yarn for about 6 more pair, I'm thinking about this pattern (I've not tried toe up's yet), or this, this and this plus I'm going to make some Felted Clogs & Fuzzy Feet per some comments received about my Mom's clogs she got for Christmas last year.
I still need to sew up that baby sweater and crochet the front band on it, I'm looking for the perfect buttons...nothing to feminine or masculine, something cute and babyish!
I'm thinking about making Melanie's cardigan sweater, Bristow, for my Mom's birthday in January (if I can get through all the Christmas knitting in time). I considering making some of these for those last minute gifts...I always forget somebody!

I'm starting to get excited...the end of this month we leave for the Fall Hawks Nest event! Maybe then I'll get some spinning done! Check out my pictures from the Spring event in March archives of this year.

We are supposed to go camping this weekend...but with "Ernesto" coming for a visit I'm afraid he will put a damper on things!! We just have to wait until Friday to make the decision whether to go or not...

Keep on Knittin' & Spinnin'


gourdongirl said...

You are going to be a busy little bee with all your xmas knitting. I've done 2 scarves and have 2 still to do (for the boys teachers)....and as for the rest, well we'll see! Unfortunately my family are not into home knits!

Your weekend away looks amazing, maybe one year I'll get too!!!!!

Mary said...

I really like the Bristow cardigan pattern, although I think I'd make it in TEAL yarn. ;-)