Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Part Deux

No, I don’t speak French…I just thought it would make me sound refined!

Okay, so were did I leave off…(I hope you are not getting bored yet)

As always getting into Baltimore is an experience in itself…we finally get to the hotel, which by the way we have stayed there before, only to find out our room was not ready and we were asked to wait---ABOUT AN HOUR! That would be an hour AFTER check-in time! I’ve written and made my complaints because that wasn’t the only thing but I don’t think you want to hear all that.

That evening Thursday night we decided to go a couple of blocks over to Little Italy, you know when you are there—the wonderful aroma of garlic, onions and basil hang in the air! Every building is a restaurant or sub shop…how do you even begin to choose? We walked a couple of blocks looking at menus, turned around and decided on the first one we saw (that’s where people were lining up) Chiapparelli’s. We ate until we were ready to pop…Jack ordered an appetizer (calamari) that could have been a main course! This one and many of the other restaurants in the area are all Zagat rated! I wanted dessert…but there was NO WAY! The waitress was…okay…she made some great suggestions but she really acted as though she’d rather be elsewhere. One thing about me is I like good customer service, I think that’s the least anyone can ask for. So then we waddled our way back to the hotel where we just rested up for the next day.

Jack had to leave early to register for his conference so I took care of some knitting that needed me, I made sure he called me about 10am to let me know of his status…there was some place I beckoning me! My next Yarn shop was actually not my first visit but a MUST go back visit;
A Good Yarn—The owner, Lorraine Gaudet is one of the nicest yarn shop owners I have met—and I’m keeping a list! Hubby walked down with me (and it was hot & humid) it was only about 7 blocks from our hotel in Historic Fells Point, which really is not that bad except for the humidity! She saw Jack sitting outside on the stoop, took him a real chair and some ice-cold water--GREATLY appreciated! I loved getting to talk with her again, and yet again I was invited to their “Saturday Morning Coffee Group” but, I couldn’t make it. She offers up a place to knit along with coffee, tea and pastries for $5.00 with all proceeds going to charity—great idea! I was a little disappointed because her stock of yarn was down, but for a very good reason—she’s remodeling for more space! I went in hopes of getting some more of the Blue Heron Yarns I bought last year—she’s out, however she said if I had let her know ahead of time she would have had some for me! DARN IT! Here’s what I ended up getting:
The pretty Wool In The Woods is for my MIL for Christmas...I don't know yet what I'm going to make, and the purple Luna is for a hat my niece wants...she asked for a purple hat!

After leaving A Good Yarn I remembered that dessert I wanted—a couple of block away was a Gelato stand—for those who don’t know what this is—YOU’VE GOTTA TRY IT! It’s an Italian ice cream so rich and creamy (it’s cooked at a higher temp which makes it so…so…scrumptious—YUM YUM! I had never had it before but had always wanted to try it—especially after the Olympics! It’s okay---I walked and sweat enough I think I justified in having it!!

This was also ballgame night…this is the 5th year we’ve made a trip to Baltimore and always take in an Orioles game…now, I know there are those wondering if I took my knitting with me?! I debated and pondered over it…Jack said he would take a picture of me knitting at the game….so did I?

No, I didn’t…here’s my reason(s);
I didn’t want anybody (including me) spilling beer on it
I was going to have to carry a bag and we had 7 blocks to walk (the opposite direction from the morning jaunt)
And walk that same 7 blocks back…now, we could have taken the water taxi but there wasn’t one at the time we were coming or going (I’m not one for waiting).
And last but not least, I wanted to stay tuned in to the game—yes, I knit at home while watching ball games but I don’t think a foul ball would come through our TV screen and hit me in the head (our seats were in range)! Watch the movie Fever Pitch if you need further explanation! Last year a foul ball came a couple of rows in front of us. I love the game of baseball…and I love the art of knitting…its just sometimes the two can’t be mixed.

So I knit when we got back to the room!

Next time, Part Three! And don't worry there is no part 4!

WIP's--I'm turning the heel on the first of my pair of Jaywalkers and starting the ribbing on the baby sweater!


KnitNana said...

Oh, and um...we WILL get to see the Jaywalkers on Thursday, right???

Mary said...

Looking forward to seeing your Jaywalkers! And as far as Blue Heron yarns - you can get a better deal on them on ebay than from a LYS. And of course there's a least three LYS's in Richmond that sell their yarn.