Friday, June 20, 2008

Stitch-n-Pitch 2008

...was a SUCCESS!!
I think I can say that a good time was had by ALL! We had about 22 show up, including hubby's & kids...a wonderful family night!
I know I had a blast! Here in SW Virginia you make do with what you have, we don't have a MLB team so we gathered at our MiLB team, the Salem Avalanche. Farm team of the Houston Astros...but not for long, next year it's the RED SOX baby!!

The Hubby's even had a great time! (2 of the "Hubs" I didn't get a shot of...sorry T & TJ)

We met some new friends from Bedford and Danville!!

Congratulations to one of the Danville ladies, Trish for winning the door prize donated by Sereknity Yarn Shop in Roanoke!

A big THANK YOU is owed to all those area shops that donated to our goody bags...first TNNA for the Stitch-n-Pitch goody bags themselves~~ Knitters Knook in Boones Mill, VA (Ravelry link); On The Lamb in Staunton, VA; Orchardside Yarn Shop in Raphine, VA; Sereknity Yarn Shop in Roanoke and Yarn Theory in Bedford, VA.
Without their contributions I couldn't have pulled off the special surprise for the attendees!

I'm not sure that everyone knows AuntPam, but this chick is a RIOT!

She has a special way of holding her yarn...

I just use a GoKnit Pouch!!

This was "Throwback Thursday" with $1 beverages (including beer) and music from another time~~last night was 1994!

AuntPam serenaded us with her Knitting Needle microphone....Milli Vannili watch out! BTW, what song was it you were singing anyway?

(Hey, there's another Hubby in the background~TJ!)
Be sure and check out her POST about the evening!

I can't wait to do it again!!

Keep on Knittin' & Spinnin'!!!!


Gnat said...

Looks like tons of fun!! The rays stitch n pitch is tomorrow!! I'm so excited!!

Hope you are well..


Dani said...

Great pics! I really like the one of auntpam, even with the yarn. It just makes it that much better!

Thanks again Robin for organizing everything!

Bobbi said...

Looks like a lot of fun! July 22nd is the Brewers turn to host the event!

Bubblesknits said...

I LOVE where she holds her yarn! ROTFL

Dianne said...

Well, We don't know everyone from Bedford, but we happen to know those folks..that's too funny!
John and Mike(Moth) worked together for many years..
Your pictures are great and it proves you all had a great time..You look radiant..your trip was good to you~~

Dana said...

What great fun! It looks like a wonderful time was had by all. I laughed out loud when I saw where Aunt Pam keeps her yarn (and I'm going to borrow the idea). You're an amazing organizer Robin!

KnitNana said...

Look like a great time was had by all!!! (And Pam is not just a hoot, she one of the nicest knitters I know! - and all of them are nice, so that's really saying somethin')