Saturday, June 21, 2008


...this post is long past due.

The Final Chapter!

There were 2 yarn shops I earmarked for a visit, Magpie Yarn a very unassuming converted house that once you walk in the door you are amazed at the vast selection. The owner, Jane, was very busy but not so much to greet everyone in the store. She had the store displayed in a beautiful color coordinated fashion. It was like walking into a rainbow! I bought 2 skeins of Panda Silk sock yarn and Noro Kureyon sock yarn.
Then we searched out ReBelle, this too was in an old house but was divided into several businesses which made it a little difficult at first. A really neat shop, unlike any I've ever been in before. Very Bohemian, the aroma of incense hung in the air...they stock lots of natural fibers like hemp and environmentally conscience products, along with lots of unusual recycled jewelry. Typewriter keys turned into earrings & bracelets, pop bottle tops turned into earrings, old LP records (remember those?) turned into bowls and flatware turned into art! They promote items for "natural living" and midwifery, if I'm not mistaken I think one of the owners is a midwife. A REALLY cool shop to visit!!! Here I bought the Hippie Chick fiber called "purple murple" and some Henry's Attic Kona Superwash merino for a lace project, I was looking for something in an ice blue color so I may just dye this after the project is done.

You also see here the piece of overshot weaving...we purchased that from "The Weaver's Bottom" it's a reproduction from a piece that can be seen HERE called "Lee's Surrender"...Appomattox, Virginia and the Surrender grounds have a significant history for Hubby and me!!

We visited, as recommended by the Visitors Center, the Lexington Brewery Company...and were NOT disappointed AT ALL! A free private tour & tasting of one of the BEST Ale's I've ever had! They brew up 3 different varieties, but they are only sold IN Lexington, KY (they DO NOT do mail order~~darn it) we brought back 2 cases and are "squirrelling" it away! The first we tried was a "light" German style lager called a "Kolsch" (this is where I become like "goldilocks") it was okay, though I prefer ales. Then we tried their Kentucky Ale which is A LOT like my favorite Smithwicks, and it was very good! But then we had their "Bourbon Barrel" ale, mmmmmmmm-I'm in LOVE! They take their Kentucky Ale and age it for 6 weeks in a Kentucky Bourbon barrel, the taste is AMAZING! Anybody coming our way through Lexington...would you mind picking us up a case or two??

On this trip we also visited the Kentucky Horse Park...where we learned all about the History of Horse Racing in the area. This place was beautiful!!! I'm not sure everyone will know who Man O' War was but this horse was unbelievable...go ahead read his history.

This was his grave site, and along the walk to it was a demonstration of this horse's size! Three markers showed the stride of Secretariat, John Henry and Man O'War, marked off in feet--24, 25 1/2 and a massive, unbelievable 28 feet respectively! It took me 13 regular human strides to match his!! Quite possibly the "perfect race horse"? Back in the day of no steroids...just good breeding!

Next...I'll show you the final chapter of our trip to Mayberry!

Keep on Knittin' & Spinnin'!!!!!


Rachel said...

Brought back some memories! I did my undergrad in Lexington and I really love that city! Worked on Thoroughbred farms to pay for college...recognize the sights!

Firefly Nights said...

Grew up reading about Man O'War. What a great horse.

Love Panda Silk. I've used it in a scarf and will buy more for other projects.