Monday, November 05, 2007


Monday again?? Have I told you lately how much I hate Mondays?

Since I was in serious need of some down-time/quiet time/alone time (whatever you want to call it...too many emotions spent last week) this weekend, I hurried through the cleaning early on Saturday morning so all I had left to do was and/or listen to an audiobook...and watch football!
I listened (and finished) to "The Choice" by Nicholas Sparks...I ended up crying at the end, he usually makes me cry...but it reminded me of THIS story.
On the football front~~UVA pulled out another close win against Wake Forest and my Cowboys defeated their rival Philadelphia Eagles! YooHoo!

So...what was I working on while participating in the above activities...knitting of course!!

A nice change in knitting...

Dad's Vest~~

Which....I don't feel like I'm ever going to get anywhere with it. I knit and knit and knit...measure and still have 5 inches left to go! ...and this is just the back!

MIL's gift~~

I guess you can now figure out what it's going to be?! I had to change the pattern some though. They had the bill in all black, and MIL would remind me of the fact that they have black at the "tip" of their bill so I went ahead and made the changes!

Honeybees Stole~~

Bro's Socks~~
No pic to share right now...

Yes, I'm a multi-tasker!!!

Keep on Knittin' & Spinnin'!!!

Side note: BIL is being released from the hospital today...can you believe it? Five days post surgery and he's out! They had him up just hours after the surgery to walk, last report was that he was getting up to walk the halls...and had all the nurses in BIL is 150%!!


JH said...

That's great BIL news!! Kauni looks fantastic!

Susan said...

That's great news about your BIL. The Kauni looks fabulous!

Marianne said...

Everything looks wonderful, I'm so jealous :^)

Sue J. said...

So glad to hear about your BIL. I'm knitting a shawl out of Kauni, and I just love it!!!!!! There will be more of this yarn in my future. Your cardi is going to be lovely.

Margaret said...

I see you took our advice and started Honeybee and Kauni - a knitter after my own heart! The flamingo is hilarious! Great news about BIL! Forgot to watch, but Go Hoos!

Birdsong said...

I am a multi-project grrl myself, though I haven't gotten Honeybee on the needles yet. I do have a vest, for DH and to be felted, that seems as unlikely to grow as what you described. Need to feel better about it and finish it!

Diana said...

I've read a little about the kauni yarn. Do you like it? It sure looks great. The yarn ismaking the pattern, correct? I can't imagine a self patterning yarn that accurate!
All your projects are going to be beautiful. I know your dad will love his and that stole will be gorgeous.

Terri said...

Glad your BIL is doing so well. Getting moving is the best thing for a quick recovery. Your knitting progress is great - even your Dad's vest! The kauni is looking beautiful! Glad you got some knitting (me) time in. Sounds like you were well and truly due for it. :o)

jennsquared said...

awesome for your BIL!

I love Nicolas Sparks! One of my favorite author - and he makes me cry EVERYTIME too!

Miss Me said...

great news about your bil.

while all of your knitting looks great - i can't wait to see the finished flamingo! i like it when knits make me smile... : )))

mari said...

OMG, a Flamingo!!!! Too cute!