Sunday, November 25, 2007

Home... always good to come home!

or is it? This is what we woke up to each morning!

I'd been wanting to show everyone a picture of exactly where we were...I'm sure you don't believe me when I say it's an island...but it really is! So, without invading his privacy by linking to the actual map site, this image was "borrowed and created"

...if I'm caught will someone come get me out of jail? I can't fly up and take the picture myself!
It was created by Hubby's father & grandfather back in 1948, where once there stood only a wooden dock they had the idea to use these~~

to create what stands today. Yes, it's an oyster shell island...when you operate an oyster house what do you do with the oyster shells?
It has weathered many a storm and in 1954 Hurricane Hazel wiped out the main oyster house, where it stood in ruin until about 8 years ago when BIL decided to rebuild. Being 3rd generation oysterman he moved the business to the island only to have Hurricane Isabel destroy his dream in 2003...oh, not the building~~he built it to last...the business didn't survive. Just like farmers all over America who are abandoning family business because they can't make it, he decided to give up on the oyster business.
After a lot of time and money BIL now owns this island (the battle still rages through the ire of one disgrundled jerk so called neighbor (I could say much worse about this fella)...but as you can tell BIL is like a pitbull, once he bites on to something he won't let go until he wins! I'm glad because we have such a great time when we visit him! He loves his home...

We had a wonderful time, we caught no fish but came home with some...thanks to BIL!
He also sent us home with some of these~~
Monster Oysters! These are his own crop...amazing huh? You can't buy oysters this size! Though he no longer continues with the family business he still maintains his own crop!

Other BIL is doing WONDERFUL since his surgery...he kept us in stitches the entire time we were there. It's so good to see him "back"!

MIL is heading back to FL on Tuesday...I believe the "guys" will be happy to have the bachelor pad back! She had a really good time and was very surprised to see how much weight DD and I have lost. I just hope that I didn't ruin things while away...weigh in is tomorrow night! I think she really liked her flamingo!

I accomplished lots of knitting, since the fish weren't biting, and have pictures to show as soon as I take time to off-load them from the camera.

We watched lots of football~~~My Cowboys won (YeeHaa!)...and yesterday my Cavaliers lost.

On the way home we visited with DSD, SIL and little Landon...

looks like Santa arrived early?! He's grown so much, alert to his surroundings and smiling at everything. Our visit was too short but at least we did get the opportunity to see him!

I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving...and for those who braved Black Friday~~more power to ya! I saw some pretty good fights and tramplings on the news reports! Personally...I DON'T DO BLACK FRIDAY!!

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I promise...knitting content in the next post!

Keep on Knittin' & Spinnin'!!!


Marianne said...

So much to comment on! That oyster looks YUM! Landon is beautiful, so glad you got to see him and his mom and dad :^)
So good to hear your BIL is doing better/great... what a place!
(I don't do Black Friday either)

gourdongirl said...

What's Black Friday? Landon looks real cute. Glad BIL is doing well and you managed to spend some time with the family.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Robin! Looks like you had a wonderful visit with lots of family. My DH LOVES oysters and would be so envious to see what you all were eating. Glad you are back.

Margaret said...

Whoa! That's quite an oyster!
I'm sure little Landon is the best present his parents could possibly receive this year. What a cutie!

Becky said...

Glad you had a great trip. Little Landon is soooo cute! Couldn't you just eat hum up?

JustApril said...

Cool island, I didn't know that was possible =) Landon is precious. Glad that BIL is doing much better. What a relief it must be for all of you =)

Mary said...

Lil' Langdon is so darn cute! :-)

Channon said...

Landon is darling, but that oyster shot has my mouth watering!! Had I been able to take off Friday, we would have headed to the beach for the holiday too... I need a beach fix, and I don't think I'll get one until early 2008!!

IndigoMuse said...

Yuck on the oyster though hubby would probably pass out if he ever saw one that big. And Landon is too cute for words, as usual :)

Nancy @ the Jersey Shore said...

sounds like you had a nice trip. the little bubba is so cute! Don't worry about your weigh-in, just get back on track this week. (i'm a fine one to talk, LOL)
and yes, my Reggae cat is an Abyssinian!

Susan said...

Glad to hear your BIL is doing so much better. Landon is adorable!

Terri said...

Hey welcome home! Looks like you had a great time. That island is amazing. And your grandson is so adorable. He really has grown!