Monday, November 12, 2007

Veteran's Day 2007

Let us remember and honor those who have fought for our freedoms...

Past...Present...and Future.

And remember the families left behind, as another Holiday season arrives.

(This prize winning photo was taken by Hubby a couple years ago.)

By Jared Jenkins

In war, there are lives risked and lives taken

Men and women giving their best to defend what they love

They defend their country

Their honor

Their people

Some call them soldiers

Others call them heroes

Our veterans have risked their lives for us

They have lived through hell and fought with honor

Many have killed

And regret doing so

For every life, there is a soul

For every soul, there is a life

For those who have died, we show great appreciation and remembrance

For those who live, along with them live the horrific memories of battle

Some, memories of defeat

Some, memories of victory

Our veterans were more than soldiers

They were, and still are heroes


gourdongirl said...

My sentiments exactly. I usually have an entry for 11th Nov but unfortunately the present took over. didn't mean that I didn't stop and remember.

Sue J. said...

Thank you so much. My husband is a Vietnam Vet. That photo blew us both away. Thank you for remembering. If your hubby is a VV, tell him "welcome home."

Miss Me said...

what an amazing photo. and thanks so much for sharing the poem. it's so important to remember those who gave so much for all of us.

Marianne said...

That is one incredible and touching photo!
Beautiful heartfelt post.