Thursday, September 13, 2007


Bad blogger....(that would be ME)!

Anyone else have a frustrating week? I know Bobbi experienced a day of....UGH! Mine has been all week, one thing after another!

Our beach vacation has been pushed back 2 weeks...

Mr Jerk Ace woke up on the wrong side of the couch the other morning and decided to attack my arm when I went to love on him (as I do every morning)....I look like I got into a fight with a buzz saw!

Work has been...annoying to say the least...I have to be careful here because I don't know who may read my blog!

For some odd reason I've had problems sleeping this I feel like the walking dead!

But y'all don't need to hear me whine...

On to better news~~DSD and Little Landon are home, all are well. Great news after all they've been through. I was talking today to someone who know a lady who's been on bed rest for 5 MONTHS! DSD was lucky she endured 3 1/2 weeks...but that was still a very long time.

On to what I've been up to since this blog has grown so silent...not much on the knitting front to report, but Sonya has been calling my name lately!

Remember Eva Braun?
I think everyone knows who Eva Braun was?! If not hit the link for a brief history...I'll wait. Is it just a myth/urban legend that she wore bright red lipstick? More on that question in a second.

Do you remember MY Eva Braun?

I purchased last March at Hawks Nest Spinners Retreat...3 lbs of 100% Shetland.

Washed it...put it in the fiber room and I'm working on carding it! Fall means cooler weather and I'm ready to do some spinning!

Here's how much I've gotten carded so far...

And here's how much I have left to card...whew!

I'll get there~~I think!

Now about the lipstick question....for some reason this picture comes to mind of a ewe out in the field with bright red lips! Yep...I'm twisted! See, I SERIOUSLY need a week of vacation!

More on knitting later.

Keep on Knittin' & Spinnin'!!


JustApril said...

Sorry your weeks was so....UG =) That's a BUNCH of fiber. I think I can see why I'm not spinning yet. Although I hear it's calming, so maybe I should rethink that, eventually. Sorry about the insomnia, I can SO relate to that, it stinks when it acts up. Insomnia/stress is basically what got me where I am/was so don't let it carry on too long, get help with it if it doesn't go away soon.

LOVE the lipstick lamb =)

Nikki said...

Hope your weekend is way better than your week!!

Is Hawk's nest only once a year? I'm thinking they were having a fall retreat too?

Marianne said...

Perhaps it's something in the air? I hear you!
So glad to hear DSD and Landon are doing well!
That's some really pretty fibre! and lots of it!

Dana said...

Delighted to hear that Landon and mommy are at home now; that's great news!

Your fiber is gorgeous and I laughed when I saw the red-lipped ewe. Have a wonderful weekend (and hope you get some good sleep).