Saturday, September 15, 2007

15 years....

and counting!

Happy Birthday Mr. Ace! grouchy little buddy is 15 years old! Have I told you his story? If you know it scroll on down, otherwise let me indulge you in this strange cat's history! You see, he's not your ordinary fact, he doesn't think he's a cat. He's somewhere between human and dog.
Now, I NEVER wanted a black & white cat (they have a reputation) nor did I want a male cat...guess what?!?! This male tuxedo cat found me...we were meant to be together!
I say he's 15 today but today is only the day I found him, and his brother & sister. They were only about 3 days old at the time. We had a NASCAR race team, where at the race shop we had a spare parts car that was moved into the garage overnight, one of the guys called me to say "we have a problem~there are kitten crying from somewhere in the car." So being the animal rescue person that I am...I go down to find under the passenger seat, laying in a pool of water, where these 3 tiny kittens, no bigger than the palm of your hand. No momma to be found anywhere and one kitten in distress, I took them home and started caring for them...yes, I bottle fed them every 3 hours~around the clock! One kitten died that night and the other kitten began to "rattle" the next day. So I did the humane thing and had it put down. Mr Ace made it!
At the time I had 2 dogs, a Weimaraner and a black lab, who took great care in helping me with the kitten. This is why he doesn't think of himself as a fact, he hates cats and loves dogs. He used to play chase with my neighbors dog! My brother's 95 lb boxer is "ruled" by Ace, he loved my Mom's basset hound Molly, who passed away a couple hears ago but can't stand the new basset!?
He plays fetch...greets you at the door wagging his tail...craves attention...can't stand the taste of fish but loves fruit (like bananas & grapes) and is scared of mice & birds.
Up to the other day he had all his 9 lives intact! I know he was just having a bad morning but jeez!
So, there's his story...strange as it may be. I do everything possible to keep him healthy and alive for another...15 years...think I can do it?
It will be a horrific day when he passes, I've put a lot of love into this old cat!

Well, my blog is still looking "Wonky" to many, I don't know why. I've checked and checked the code, blogger isn't stating any "issues" with this sort of problem. Bear with me, I may have to to some updating to my template, my 2nd Blogiversary is coming maybe it's a trend to update to a new template every year!?

I'm still working on my fleece, and I'm seeing the bottom of the bag!

It rained yesterday....FINALLY! Cooler weather is here...mmm I love the smell of Fall in the air! Our colors this year won't be a bright as in years past because of the dry summer. But come on and visit Virginia...October is one of the best times to visit the Mountains!

Keep on Knittin' & Spinnin'!!!


Marianne said...

Mr.Ace is such a handsome puss! Had a cat, very similar in looks, when the kids were VERRA young, they named him...oh wait for it... Kitty. yep.
Many happy years for Mr.Ace!

JustApril said...

Great story! It's hilarious that he's afraid of birds and mice, hehehe. I hope he has many years to come.

Pam! said...

Happy Day Mr Ace! And more to come.

Enjoy the lovely weather today! WeeOne & I have been out playing in the mud and enjoying the cool breezy day. It's going to be perfect for football even if it's just on TV/radio.

Nikki said...

Happy Birthday Mr Ace!

Diana said...

That's really special to have a cat that long!! I guess he has a strong heart since he is never overly excited about catching birds and mice!!

Sue J. said...

You are absolutely my hero!! What a wonderful story about Mr. Ace. May he and you enjoy many, many more years together. And you once had a weimaraner!! How cool is that! I knew there was a reason we connected. It seems were serious animals lovers find each other easily.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful kitty, and lovely story and happy birthday! And yea, your blog does look odd - there aren't any more margins or what not, but it's readable!