Thursday, September 20, 2007

No Knitting Content...

but a VERY important movie review!

Most of you know the sports nut that I am, so for those not interested you can read your next blog in queue!

Hubby and I watched a movie Tuesday night that I MUST tell you about...that is if you haven't already seen it or bought the movie on Tuesday!
Since I'm the Asst. Cataloger at our library branch I find it my duty to make sure all movies (that I'm interested in) are in complete and perfect working order for our library patrons.


This is a 2 boxes of tissue movie...3 if more than 2 are watching it! I remember when this tragedy happened...but there were many aspects of the movie I WAS NOT aware of, I won't get into them because they are deeply football related and I don't want to bore you to death.
I cried...I laughed...I rejoiced and I cried some more, much more. This movie was not Hollywood-ized, except for maybe the quirkiness of Coach Lengyel's character but that was where the light heartedness came in to play. It gave you the REAL sense of what that town went through...they not only lost 37 members of their team but 5 coaches...major members of the community, fans and the crew of the airline. I've been to Huntington (about 5 hours from here)only once in my life, but since seeing this movie...I'm going back and I hope it's on November 14th of this year.

This is a MUST OWN movie...hubby and I have a small collection of our favorite movies~this one will be purchased to add along with the likes of Rudy, Hoosiers and Radio. No, not all our movies are about sports.


Keep on Knittin' & Spinnin'!!!!


Mindy said...

If you ever make it to Huntington on 11/14, there is a ceremony at the memorial fountain on campus. The water to the fountain is shut off until the following spring.

Also, there is Spring Hill cemetery which is just a few blocks from campus. It is where the 6 graves of the players are and where Nate Ruffin is buried. Expect to see several momentos left on the graves.

At the stadium, there is a large sculpture depicting the rise of the Herd from the ashes.

Just visit Huntington anyway. It's a great town. I so wish I could move back home.

Diana said...

I'll be checking that one out! And it's A-OK for kids I hope? My youngest is 12. We do own 'Remember the Titans' and love that too.

Robin said...

Might need to rent this! Didn't see it when it was in the theater. I want to see a lot when they come out and then I forget when I go to rent them. Your Eva is GORGEOUS!

Mary said...

Have you seen Glory Road? That's another really good sports movie -- I really liked it, (doesn't hurt that Josh Lucas is in it). Also, Invincible (loved that), and Coach Carter (pretty good). And of course, Miracle, about the Olympic hockey team.

Anonymous said...

Checking in after a heavy work spell.

Babes is sooooo cute ! well done mom & all !

Take care & enjoy all those wee snuggly cuddles.