Sunday, September 30, 2007

Fall Gatherings

Hubby and I were invited to an annual "gathering" our very good friends BS & SP have every year, so yesterday we took a road trip~~when we arrived at our destination the air was filled with Celtic music, bagpipes and from these photos you'd ask yourself...

where are they~~Scotland?

Meet Mick a 9 month old Highland bull...

and his half-brother Mack.
(I know the names are unusual and I'll explain in a moment...warning to vegetarians).

Oh, they are so sweet...but I've been told I can't get to attached to them. They are the beginning of our friends new cattle farm, which means that someday they will be a meal. (gulp) Oh...I've had the beef from this type of cattle before and it is very good. I've never had the opportunity to "pet" a meal. Now, I grew up going to the country and milking cows, feeding chickens, gathering eggs and slopping hogs, but I never gave any thought to the fact that our fried chicken dinner was one of the many chickens I had just fed.

Now as for their'd expect them to have some really fancy Gaelic name, but BS has such a sense of humor. Many years ago in this area (I'm not sure if they were a national chain) we had a chain of grocery stores called "Mick-or-Mack"~~thus the names of the bulls. They are planning to get a heifer this spring and really get their farm going.

Anyway we had a wonderful time, even created a game! With a volleyball net in place and no REAL volleyball players in the group...actually we were REALLY bad. We created the game of "PirateBall" no rules, you can play the bounce and hit the ball as many times as necessary to get the darn thing over the net! And the entire time spouting "pirate talk"! Arrrrgghhh!

For refreshment...some good old fashioned "jar passin'" to end the game! As always we have a GREAT time!

Keep on Knittin' & Spinnin'!!!


Nikki said...

I can't help it, Mick and Mack are adorable!!

sounds like you had a good time!

Bobbi said...

Looks like a good weekend!
I thought you were going to tell us that McDonald's was going to start selling Highland cow burgers. Mick(ey D's) and (Big) Mack.

Margaret said...

Well I guess it's only right that highland cattle would be either Mc or Mac. Sounds like a fun time!

JustApril said...

They are really pretty animals. Looks like a great time =)

Marianne said...

Aaah, making good times! Mick and Mack are beauties, I know, a bit weird but still, I think they're beautiful.
BTW? You're looking great!

KnitNana said...

I do remember Mick or Mack! I liked that grocery chain!!!
Those two are adorable, but I'm not sure I'd want them as pets.