Saturday, September 08, 2007

As Mentioned...

I mentioned my "Nervous Knitting" a couple of posts ago...sitting in a hospital lobby, labor & delivery waiting room, patients room, ICU waiting room....and as many other places as one could find. I carried my knitting tote with me everywhere! I know people wondered what the heck I was so protective of!

If you've been keeping track of my Rockport Vest progress you'll remember that prior to us leaving I was only at about an inch of the front complete (the back's been waiting for a mate). I know this doesn't seem like much but I must say that I feel a major accomplishment being where I'm at currently! The stitch markers denote where the split in the v-neck is going to be. Once I got to this point I knew I would NOT be able to concentrate on the decreases at either end and in the center so I quit and worked a little on my Charade socks...only to realize that I needed to step up a needle size so I frogged back and restarted on 1.5's (US). Hey, I don't mind far as I'm concerned, that's therapy too! I was just concerned that they would be too tight going over my heel. This pattern doesn't have much spring to it at all, not like I imagined from the picture.

Marianne....notice my stitchmarkers? Aren't they appropriate!?!?

The other vest I'm working on is a Christmas present for my know Santa. I was trying to find a pattern that looked like "Santa" would wear. What do you think? I know...not much there to tell by, but it's a very simple pattern by Michele Wyman.

It's called Cheltenham Pullover Vest, and it's pretty mindless. I just find that it takes me forever to finish a row because "Santa" has such a girth about him! He SERIOUSLY needs a WeightWatchers meeting! I'd buy him a pillow if he would lose some weight!

They've removed all her IV's and she's getting up and walking around on her own...often! Baby Landon is staying in the room with Momma! Both are doing extremely well!!! WooHoo!!! We're talking everyday and wishing we could be there! It's so hard knowing how babies change on a day to day basis that we are going to miss some of this! We are talking about monthly visits.

And for those who care...

FOOTBALL SEASON STARTS TOMORROW!!! (Well, actually it started Thursday night but my team starts tomorrow) This I'm happy about why? Because my baseball teams sucked eggs this year!


Keep on Knittin' & Spinnin'!!


Mary said...

Your knitting is fabulous! I am loving that vest! Cables (my fav) in my favorite color -- heavenly! Love Santa's vest, too -- very North Pole! ;-)

I have mixed feelings about football season -- the season is starting off very tough for m 'Skins. Maybe they'll rise to the challenge!

Marianne said...

Aye, lass, verra appropriate! :^)
Beautiful knitting!

I am SO glad to hear Momma and Landon doing so well, so very glad!

Terri said...

Yay, glad your DSD is doing so well. That's great news. The knitting progress is looking great too. I know what you mean about knitting for a large man. My hubby is a big guy (though he certainly doesn't need to go to WW at all - he's big not fat) and knitting for him is like knitting a blanket!!

Dana said...

Wow - - what a few days you've had! First of all, CONGRATULATIONS on Landon! He's completely beautiful and I was so happy to read about his birth and to learn that your DSD is recovering well.

The knitting, as always, is lovely. Again, heartfelt congrats to you & your family!

Susan said...

So glad to hear that your DSD and baby Landon are doing so well.

KnitNana said...

Whoohoo! So glad of the GOOD news! (ain't that the power of knitters?)
GORGEOUS cable knitting (not surprised at all, of course), but what's on the horizon for new grandson?

lemmie said...

wow! - you're knitting looks fantastic! what beautiful cables!