Sunday, May 27, 2007

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!!

MISS ME??? ****Warning—long post—lots of pictures!***
Honestly I missed keeping up with everyone and have a lot of reading to catch up on…but I really didn’t mind at all not having the ole ‘puter along! (More about that later)…
First let me “Thank” everyone who sent their best wishes for a wonderful vacation!

When vacation is over it’s back to the real world…and muggy heat! What a shock to the system….where’s the A/C? For the most part last week was spent wearing sweats and long sleeves shirts! During the daytime the highs were in the mid to low 70’s (F) and the nights dipped down into the low 50’s, a couple nights we were shivering in the mid 40’s!!

This is overlooking the small community of Rugby (Shona...see all the similarities...Highlands--Rugby?) where my Grandmother was born.

Did I tell you we were going to the “Highlands”? Of Virginia that is! Next year we will visit the Highlands of our homeland…Scotland. I have so much “Show and Tell” for you and very little pertains to the fiber arts, but don’t worry I do have some fibery goodness to share with you!

This was home base for the past week…we arrived last Saturday and from Sunday evening to Thursday evening we practically had the place to ourselves!! See my wheel?

Sunday morning we took a short hike (just under a mile) down to Big Wilson Creek for some fishing. Which means we had a tougher hike back up!

No, I didn’t catch anything but let me tell you…

To just sit here and look at this was satisfying enough!

We had plenty of exercise and entertainment…every evening we walked,on Monday we attempted (key word) to find Mount Rogers, the highest peak in Virginia at 5,729 feet.

After hiking 3 miles UP HILL this is where we stopped…just in the shadow of the summit. We were both wore out, I fell on the way back down and scraped up my shin…my legs were just so weak! For the next 2 days we walked like couple 90 year olds needing walkers!
On the way we saw plenty of the wild ponies…

In fact, after arriving on Saturday we rode up to the trail head, were we saw a small herd. I noted to Jack that the one older mare was pregnant and should foal any day…on Monday we were told by another hiker he had seen her getting the little foal up on it’s feet that morning! There had been several births in the past few days, there's one in this picture!

I enjoy bird watching (I know that sounds nerdy) but there were plenty to be seen, many I haven’t seen before and others I’m very familiar with! During the wee hours of Monday Morning we were visited by a pair of Great Horned Owls…how do I know they were a pair? We’ve encountered them before and they have 2 very distinct calls…it’s funny to listen to them and when they are that close there’s no sleeping until they move on (there’s another story I’ll have to tell you later), I’m not sure if they were courting or hunting together but they chased each other all over that mountain side!

We had entertainment on a daily basis…

We called "Chipmunk TV"…these cute little critters kept us in stitches! I "accidentally" dropped my apple cores, which they promptly found.
It’s funny to come back and read about Robin’s adventure with a Pileated Woodpecker…when I had one visit me in camp, I was having my morning coffee when one landed within 10 feet of me! I’ve never been so close to one and had no idea how BIG they are!
Oh…I could go on and on boring you with all the wildlife I encountered…but I won’t!

Hubby was experiencing SERIOUS technology withdrawals! No computer (as mentioned earlier)…the cell phones barely worked, to get a signal you’d practically have to stand on your head!

So…I gave him a knife and a piece of wood and told him to make me a bird!

And he did!!

What did I manage to accomplish? Well, since I was in the Highlands, I finished up my Highlander colorway!

And….started “Setting Sun”

I worked on my Tofutsies socks….I’ll post pictures later—I promise!

All this spinning in camp opened up “Free Camping” opportunities! The Assistant Park Director came by to chat with us and offer us an opportunity to do some interpretive work at the park!! What better way to pay homage to my ancestry than to do a Living History at the park that towers over where my family came from?!?!?! All I need now is a sign that says “Will Spin For Free Camping”!!

All in all it was a VERY productive week...relaxation, exercise, knitting and spinning!!

Of course I missed my Monday weigh in with Weight Watchers but I did behave myself and watch what I ate every day…except for the day that Hubby made me eat that Ice Cream!!
And there is no meeting tomorrow night so I hope that next week I’ll have a REALLY good weigh-in!!

Keep on Knittin’ & Spinnin’!!!


Nikki said...

I think with all that walking/hiking you did the ice cream doesn't count!

Sounds like y'all had a GREAT trip! Very pretty yarn...

I ended up buying some of that tofutsies myself this weekend :)

Marianne said...

Wow, what a week! The photos are all fabulous, funny though, those wild ponies didn't appear to be *that* wild, heh. Your spinning is beautiful. No, bird watching isn't nerdy, not at all...I love watching birds and do you realize how fortunate you are that you saw that woodpecker? and up that close? I'm terribly envious and have a huge smile plastered on my face for you!
I'm thinking you'll be very pleased with your 'weigh-in', that ice cream was taken care of on a couple of those walks.

Bobbi said...

Welcome Back!!! You WERE missed but looks and sounds like you had a well deserved vacation! !I can only imagine how many geocaches you probably went by as you were walking.)

Cat said...

OMG that looks like so much fun. I am definitely jealous. Maybe sometime we can hook up and meet at a campground. We do a lot of tent camping. I absolutely love your spinning - highland and esp. sunset are absolutely gorgeous colors and spun wonderfully.


Sue J. said...

So glad you had a good time. The scenery is lovely. Great pictures. Glad you relaxed and had some time to spin. Welcome back.

Dianne said...

What a superb way to spend fit right in..and the ice cream was needed to keep your weigh in, you'll have lost it plus...much more!..Thanks for sharing such great photos and good time..

Issy said...

Boy, you had a very full week! Looks like you had great weather too. I prefer something a little less "oh my god I can't breathe" heat & humidity too!
Love the newly spun goodies.

gourdongirl said...

Looks like you had a GREAT week. All the wildlife, fresh air and exercise....wonderful. Don't worry about the ice-cream, a little of what you fancy does you good!

Diana said...

Sounds heavenly!!! The scenry is beautiful and sure must have been exciting so get so close to the ponies! Where exactly is the place? I couldn't find much on Rugby,Va on the internet. Were you in a Mt. Rogers campgrond?
I love the carved bird!

Biby Cletus said...

Cool blog, i just randomly surfed in, but it sure was worth my time, will be back

Deep Regards from the other side of the Moon

Biby Cletus

Mary said...

What a beautiful trip you took! Do you know Loren in Blacksburg (yarn rep, works at Mosaic part time)? She just recently hiked (BY HERSELF!!?!!) up that same mountain and mentioned the wild ponies. Your pictures are gorgeous -- especially that first one. Oh, and the yarn you spun -- stunning!!!

KnitNana said...

WOW! What a GREAT trip! And yeah, like you'd turn down free camping for that kind of exchange? lol!
Too fun, and no, the wildlife is not boring, hon! No way!

Terri said...

Your photos are wonderful Robin! Looks absolutely gorgeous there. I love owls too! I really am impressed that you get to spin in such a beautiful environment. That must be really relaxing. :o) Your handspun yarn looks fantastic. Glad you had such a great time. Coming home is a drag isn't it?! :o)