Thursday, May 31, 2007

Celtic Wisdom??

Have you ever had that special friend come into your life...yet, you've never met? A package arrived today...from Scotland! (This will be remedied in...12 mths)

I don't think I've ever told GourdonGirl that I have one of these:

This is my Charm bracelet that I've had ever since Jack and I met, soon to be 8 years.
It contains charms that were either gifts, from our travels and/or commemorating significant our wedding--note the horseshoe & the Bride & Groom charms.

I don't know if someone told her...or if she just has a crystal ball or uses Celtic Magic...

In my "care package" was this:

She knows I collect lighthouses! This charm is really opens at the bottom! Now, I'll have to ask her if it says "SOS" or "505"...but I suspect it says "SOS".

Along with this was the UK version of Weight Watcher magazine, with some great recipes...and some WW candy we don't get here in the US! YUM-YUM! Julia and I have already enjoyed a couple bars--and will be fighting--over the rest!

Thanks GourdonGirl...your ARE the BEST!!

Sorry to cut this so short...but I've got some other things to share with you later!


Keep on Knittin' & Spinnin'


Nikki said...

What a pretty charm and great package!

Marianne said...

Yep, ya'll are definitely soul sisters!

Dianne said...

What a special match..she's obviously done her 'homework.'
Keep sharing..spinning and knitting..

gourdongirl said...

I'm glad it arrived safely. I didn't know you had a charm bracelet, the lighthouse charm just "spoke" to me and I knew where it was going!

I do think we must have been "sisters" in a previous life, its so spooky at times.

I'm glad you enjoyed the candy, I know its my lifeline at times of stress or if I'm honest at ANY time!

KnitNana said...

That's a neat charm bracelet!!!
And what a terrific gift!

JustApril said...


I need some Scottish wisdom. lol

Cat said...

Okay too freaky. I also have a charm bracelet that have since I was little and it's silver too. I also collect lighthouse LOL.