Thursday, February 08, 2007

My Weekend HAS Arrived!!

Yes, you heard me weekend has already started!! Hubby and I are off to Gatlinburg, TN for our annual Valentine's trip. Every year we go somewhere...anywhere to spend some quality time alone! Hope to get some trail walking in, shopping, knitting, reading and relaxing! I've plotted out some places to appease my need for know a junkie always needs a "fix"! Oh...and about the *Destashing* or *Knitting from my stash*~~well...I lasted longer than I thought I would! Yesterday I bought THIS and then I had to have THIS (I've been drooling over it since I read about it a few days ago) ! I'm pathetic...can't even last 3 months!

I'm so excited I have 12 comments from yesterday's post!!! That's the most EVER for me!! You like really, really like me!! WooHoo!

One other note from yesterday's post...MsK, sorry I didn't explain too clearly in the post but the cast-on for my vest is a provisional cast's actually going to be black and turquoise--sorry to mislead you my dear!

It's very cold but the bright sunshine is slowly melting our snow...see I told you we needed more! So here's another picture to share...
My Daffodils started coming up last month! Looks like an early Spring huh? What did Ole Phil say we were in for?

I can finally post picture of our Groups new car if you see one of these on the road~~honk!

I hope you all have a safe and fiber happy weekend! I'll try to be in touch but don't begrudge me if you don't hear from me until Monday or Tuesday!

Oh...and I've hit the halfway point at last!!!

Keep on Knittin', Spinnin', & Walkin'!!!


KnitNana said...

AHHHHHHHHHH - no fair...I'll get my RV Spinner Knitters magnets next week, I hope...(If the weather cooperates this time!) And that yarn is to die for (I'm so glad I'm not the only one to cave!)
Have a wonderful "escape."

Carole Knits said...

Have a wonderful time this weekend!

Marianne said...

Have a fabulous long weekend with your sweetie! Sounds good to me, especially with fibre treats involved, which...speaking of fibre treats!!! Dudette! that fibre and the yarn...snow bunny...YUMMY!!

be safe, have all kinds of fun, stay warm...etc....and of course we like you!

Nikki said...

Hope y'all have a great time!!

I can't wait to get my magnet. It's even purtier than I thought it would be!

OH and as for the 'knit from your stash' thing? thats why I never signed up for it. I just knew I'd cave :)

Ms. Knitingale said...

Yep, we DO like you! We really do! I guess I can deal with the loss of the red vest....especially seeing as how I love turquoise! Have a great trip and be sure to bring back pictures of fiber!

Bobbi said...

Congratulations on the halfway mark! I'm hoping to get out this weekend, finally.
Have a great "getting to know you...again" weekend!

Krista said...

No shadow was seen so hopefully we'll see spring soon! My daffodils have been coming up since November! Have a great trip. I need one of those.

gourdongirl said...

Have a great weekend!

tangelled angel said...

Oh you lucky thing, thats a great idea to go away for Valentines.You know theres not as much good wool shops in Ireland anymore, they all died when knitting wasn't too popular back in the 90's. Slowly getting there...very slowly, so thats why I was so excited about seeing some "real" yarn in the Woolen Mills!
and this is the 9th comment so far...and its early yet!

Pam! said...

yayayya magnets! They look great...can't wait to get mine next week. Have fun on your getaway!

Mary said...

Scout's yarn is gorgeous, isn't it? You know she filmed an episode of Knitty Gritty? It'll air this fall. Hey - where did you get that magnet made, it's way-cool! Might have to design one for our knitting group!

Have fun this weekend! Stay warm!