Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Yesterday being the typical Monday it was I just couldn't wrap my head around the idea of doing this post...nor visiting the cemetery. So...I'm doing it today!
It's been 2 years now, since I lost my Granny...She was my teacher, from a very tender age she was passing on all her skills to me...something I'm so Thankful for today! I can remember at the age of 5 she was give me squares of fabric to hand piece together into quilt squares (I would give anything to still have those squares today). My mother gave me a treasure trove from Granny's quilting chest after her passing...she saved patterns with the pattern name attached to them, so I'll know exactly which ones were her favorites. I really need to do some quilting...but it never seems there's enough time. Her mother was still alive back then and she taught me how to crochet...I believe I was 6. I have her crochet steels today. I learned to knit at the age of 8...using pencils. She taught me to cook, garden and how to can the harvest. She gave me the platform in which I've built my spiritual beliefs today...even as I strayed away when I was a teenager...I came back to what I knew was right! We (my brother, my favorite cousin and myself) spent every weekend at Granny & Granddaddy's house...oh, what memories!

Yes, I was a young mother and I'm so glad that my kids had some of the same memories of them as I do!
This is a picture from the last Easter Sunday (2004) we shared with Granny...I really do miss her very much. But the legacy she has left with me will last for as long as I can share my craft with others!
I Love You Granny...and I Miss You!

Irene Hope Rutherford 1924-2005


cate said...

I adored my grandmother as well. She spent so much time with me and I miss her desperately!!! Sorry for your loss. I mean that. catie

Nikki said...

Granny sounds like an absolutely wonderful woman!! I'm glad you got to know her.

I'm always sad when I think that my cousins didn't get to know my Papa the way my sister and I did.

Dianne said...

A nice tribute to your Granny...she sounds like a lovely lady and you're carrying on the fine lineage...all the wisdom they impart upon us sticks like glue! Happy Knitting and thanks for stopping by my blog..

Marianne said...

I'm right there with you on missing those wonderfully sweet, exceptional Grannys. Mine didn't teach me any of the string arts but she taught me practically everything else, we were very close. One thing she did say to me one day (after a very scary experience I'd had)

"Women walk in a constant state of grace"

Perhaps at any other time I wouldn't have 'gotten it' but I certainly did then.

You're sweet.

Hey! Hawk's Nest? how many hours until? heh

gourdongirl said...

Granny's ARE special people.