Monday, February 19, 2007

Feelin' Better & FO's!

Well, now that I'm feeling better I feel more like blogging! The *Crud* hit the worst on Valentine's morning...I didn't leave the house until Saturday when hubby suggested I go with him to the store, which I must say, felt good to get out! We had a skiff of snow Saturday night but the big *IceStorm* they predicted for last week ended up a REAL dud! The mountain tops still look *fuzzy* (that's what I like to call it~anytime it snows or gets icy) yes, it's still COLD! This week it's supposed warm up...which will get me back on my walking miles!

My WONDERFUL hubby brought me a dozen of these:

On the Knitting Front~~
Kimberly has a new challenge...boy, I'm such a joiner these days!!? Yes, you can call me a redneck...but remember I literally grew up in this environment! My family was involved in NASCAR for 9 years (I'll have to find pics of me and the crew in our uniforms!) and my Dad used to drag earliest memories were corn dogs at the dragstrip!

So...this one is right down my alley...gasoline alley?! AnyHoo...something new! The challenge for me is going to be keeping up with the amounts I knit!

Yesterday I finished...

Lammi Ewejean decided to come out and model for me! Made from my handspun North Ronaldsay that my Buddy GourdonGirl sent to me...quick knit and it took about 70 yards to complete!

Also completed were these adorable Baby Booties for my son's friends who just had a little girl! Now I just need to make sure they get them before she's too big to wear them!

Made from leftovers from the baby sweater I made for my co-worker.

The little baby sweater is almost complete...just the sleeves left to go!

I'm still working on the Celtic Lattice Vest design...I'm just so NOT sure it's going to work like I want it to! I REALLY, REALLY don't want to work with bobbins on this pattern...I have the facing done...that's it...when I realized how many bobbins I would have to work with it's not my idea of a fun design! So, IF David has more of the Black Cherry Moonrise I'm going to buy some and use that instead of the Dolphin Dance! WHICH--means guess what's coming up...10 days and counting~~Hawks Nest Retreat!!

My Jaywalkers are almost done! BUT...I'm really ready to use some larger needles on a project!!

I've ordered my yarn for my Civil War Shawl KAL, which starts March 1st!

And yet....another Mr Aceman sleeping position!

Where's his head...and where's his tail? I just wish I could find a way to record him snoring!! Like son!!

Well, gotta go play with my new toy!

Keep on Knittin', Spinnin', Walkin' & Pickin' (yes...I'm a grinnin')!!!


Nikki said...

You ARE quite the little joiner these days aren't you? :) The NASCAR KAL sounds like fun but I don't think I can knit that much! Esp with school starting next month. I'll just root for you OK? What's your color? Red? :)

gourdongirl said...

Glad your feeling better.

An other KAL, your brave!

KnitNana said...

As usual, I'm falling behind on my KALs...but I guess it's better to be "true to form," Huh?
Gorgeous roses...and the cable is so pretty on Lamby Ewejean.
GLAD to hear you're better!

Mary said...

Glad you're feeling better. Love the baby booties -- what's the pattern? Looking forward to hearing about your retreat!

somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

We are going to have a BLAST with the NASCAR KAL! Just thinking of the fun goodies as incentives makes me glow.

Marianne said...

That headband is a beauty, as are the booties and the coming right along sweater....look at you go!
Pretty roses....

How's the pickin' going? actually it's saying tons that you're also grinning!

Ms. Knitingale said...

Mr. K and I both loved the "sheep band"....and I'm delighted with the booties. They're just so delicate and pretty. But, where are the Jaywalkers? I'm dying to see someone else's! Give the kittycow an extra hug from me...once you find his head.