Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Guess What!!??


Just not enough to keep me home from work!

Darn it!

Depending on where you were at depended on how much you got! At home we had almost 4 the library I think it was about 3 inches.

So on the way home I had to stop at one of my favorite spots for photography...our Lake Spring Park or as we locals call it "The Duck Pond"

Yes, those are Seagulls you see...I don't know what makes them come here but they arrive every February and stay till late March! I guess someone took a wrong turn years ago and they've just kept coming! There's no lack of food for them...many people go to the Duck Pond to feed the ducks...or have lunch and give them their leftovers!

I've had days like this...

This poor duck is having a bad hair feather day!

When I got home I found my Library Fairy faithfully watching over our pond...but with the cold temps and snow cover I couldn't see the fish, I just hope they will be okay. It's always a worry I have and 3 of our oldest fish have survived 5 winters! It's kinda like Forrest Gump said "...Like a Box of Chocolates"!


Guess what this is?? Buehler....Buehler...Buehler???

I've cast-on for THIS!!!! WoooHooo! Stay tuned for my progress...

And in case you've been worried about the (as Ms K puts it) *CowKitty*...he is eating again~~because I gave in and bought him his regular...FatCat food!!

This is one strange cat....hates fish...loves chicken~~Especially chicken fat...which explains his *utters* belly!

I'm getting small walks in...I don't have a gym or Y membership so with these cold windy days I do what I can!

Keep on Knittin', Spinnin' and Walkin'!!!



Bobbi said...

Now that you have some of his regular food, try weaning him onto the new, better for him, food. That's what the vet suggested to us and it worked.
(Need more details, just ask me.)

Carole Knits said...

I don't know about your library but mind doesn't close unless we get a TON of snow. Sigh.

Mary said...

I'm jealous of your snow, and so is every teacher and student in the greater Richmond area!

tangelled angel said...

Snow, snow? What is that? havent seen a good bit of it here in at least a couple of years. Its rumoured that it snowed in north Dublin last night, but I never saw it where I was, but its almost promised for tomorrow morning....right around commute time..

Ms. Knitingale said...

Oh, I like the red for the vest! Can't wait to see how it turns out. I'm glad Cowkitty is doing better eating. My Gracie is kind of goofy about food, too. She adores peanut butter--seriously. She'll walk away from a chunk of chicken or fish but fight me for peanut butter. I have such a gift for finding the weirdo cats...and yes, I'm pretty sure I know what that says about me!

Prayerful Knitter - Shelly said...

Thanks so much for such a wonderful post. It made me smile several times!!! : )

gourdongirl said...

We got snow too! Yeuch,.....its cold!

somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

2 things:
(1) Looks like you are getting more snow in SW VA than I am in RI...
(2) Gotta luv a cat who adores the cows from C**k-F*let!
Stay warm!!

Marianne said...

I am so excited about the vest!
Smooch turns her nose up at the fish, but loves that chicken and turkey!
Loved the post.

IndigoMuse said...

Yippie! You've started the vest. Can't wait to watch this one come together.

I loved watching the snow Wed. night. So glad that we finally got a pretty fluffy snow.


Sangeeta said...


KnitNana said...

The snow was so lovely!
And those photos of the neat. I love "The Duck Pond" and your library fairy, too!