Thursday, February 22, 2007

Hoppin' Good Time!

Bunnies...Bunnies EVERYWHERE!

It's nearly 6 weeks till Easter and Bunny Rabbits are here!I started and finished a project for my precious niece~Maggie!

Here's bunny prior to felting...yeah, Mr Ace isn't too happy about sharing his bed!

Here's bunny after felting...

Now...for my Nascar KAL I need to keep a count of my fiber amounts.

Since I'm using yarn from my stash and I have no way of weighing it, so...I'm going by the pattern amounts...which is in yardage!

This little fella took about 250 yards (combining the 2 colors). And of course it is a gift...I don't know if I get a bonus for that or not?! I used the Fiber Trends pattern "Bunny Fun" it's an extremely quick and easy knit!

And for the finished project...

Well...almost finished~~He needs a tail! I'm NOT good at making pom-pom's, I tried and failed so I'm going to plop a store bought tail on his behind!! (the grass in the basket is....yes...yarn!)

When I arrived home today...there was yet another bunny~~in my mailbox!

My Snowbunny...I ordered from Scout! Let me say that it's absolutely gorgeous in person!

This is going to be my Calorimetry! Speaking of projects...have you noticed my growing list of projects? You just don't even know...that's only the tip of the iceberg...I have more fiber/yarn for more projects and I still continue to buy more!

The weather has warmed up and I've gotten back on the walking path (no pun intended)! Today the wind is terrible but my buddy JH (who is blogless at the moment) helped me to not back-out on walking today! Are you with me Bobbi?

JH and I are in the planning process...there are 4 Tuesdays in March...and on those days we are going to be enabling 10 - 3rd-5th graders into the world of knitting! Yes, I'm going to be teaching knitting to kids!!! Wish me luck...I need all I can get!

SEVEN days and counting!!!! Hawks Nest...and boy do I ever need it! 4 days of nothing but fiber...and spinning!!! I'm going to be meeting another blogger there...named...Robin (good name huh?), and I'm very much looking forward to it! She held a Knitters Retreat in January that I hope to attend next year!

Mr Ace is in my lap and is very insistent that I pay attention to him....right NOW!

Keep on Knittin', Spinnin', & Walkin'!!! (Yep...I'm still Pickin')


Anne Margaret said...

What a HOOT! The bunny couldn't be any cuter (double points for an early finish!), that blue and brown yarn couldn't be any more lucious, and that KAL couldn't be any funnier. But, boy howdy, you'd better have your needles a flyin' that's a LOT of knittin'. Have fun and keep us posted!!

Nikki said...

how pretty is that yarn!!! and I love the bunny! I've got Easter things up at my desk already. I had to take the snowmen down though. I kept getting "fussed" at.

Must be the wind, B is very needy tonight as well and Pepper, well, she's under the bed.

Bobbi said...

That is one of my favorite Scout colorways!
The bunny looks great. What pattern did you use?
I noticed that you added mileage. My pedometer died and I need to get a new one. I didn't get out today, but most definitely tomorrow. You've got my back, so it will not be missed tomorrow. Thanks.

Marianne said...

I am lovin' that felted bunny! and the snowbunny yarn (YUM)
What fun!!! teaching some kids how to knit...oh boy, a new whack of knitters! (Then you can teach them how to spin)....You are so lucky! Wish you luck? seriously? you'll have a blast.

IndigoMuse said...

Good luck with the knitters. I'm sure they'll have a good time. And how cute is that bunny? Stop tempting me with felted goodies...


gourdongirl said...

Love the bunny.

Teaching kids to knit is fun. I taught 2 knitting workshops last summer at David's work and had a ball!!!!!

Keep up the good work with the walking.

somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

Great bunny! I did one in light grey as the MC with red as the CC.
You are soooo busy!!

Dianne said...

What a precious bunny!!..a knitting retreat sounds awesome!!
If you're ever coming to 'my LYS'..let me know..and if you'd like..I'd meet you there..maybe we could do lunch..or 'just visit and fondle the fiber'..Happy Knitting~

angie Cox said...

I love that bunny ..adorable.