Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Williamsburg part 2

Warning...this post is going to have lots of photos!!

Here are some examples of the door decorations:

One of the locals going to open up the Millinery Shop...I hope she changes her shoes!

The Capital Building

The Courthouse all decked out for the holidays...notice the stockades to the right of the building! I've put Julia in them before!

We had a wonderful trip...always do! Since we started reenacting this time period you notice so much more than just the normal touristy stuff! My comment earlier about the colonists shoes...believe me I know the period correct shoes are not comfortable at all and I can understand her wearing something comfortable to walk to work (and most employees must walk a couple of blocks to their building) but I hope she changes into her colonial shoes before people start coming in! By the way...we were there very early taking pictures.

I found more Sheepies while I was there--
The large one came with a name...Wellington so I think the little finger puppet is also Wellington Jr. That's the name of one of the sheep "on staff" at Williamsburg. They are, of course, "period correct" Leicester Longwools.

This one is holding it's own bag of wool!

I hope Anne Margaret is reading...
This hen found a coop!

On the Knitting front--
I finished all the socks!
AAAAAHHHHH--Knitting Freedom! All the Christmas presents are done!
I've started a couple of dog sweaters for my neighbors new little cuties!
I'm planning to start something that I've put off--my knitting fear--steeking! But I must give it a shot!
Other items in the works...a sweater vest for my Dad, to conquer that Swallowtail Shawl and more...socks!!
Doesn't sound much like freedom huh?? But what can I say...I love to knit!!

Oh...and Santa's secret is out---

Keep on Knittin' & Spinnin'!!


gourdongirl said...

Do you think you could ship the stockade out to me, we could use it at work at the moment!!! BTW forgot to post, that I saw the Edinburgh Castke pic! Thankx for that!

Sox look cool too, as do all your sheep!

KnitNana said...

What a great trip! Glad you had a good time, contributed to the sheep flock, and are finished with the Xmas knitting! Whoohoo!
Now...as to your comment on my blog about remaining in lavender and denying the "coming of age," you know, I thought I'd do the same, but you know what? 50 didn't bother me nearly as much as 40 did (and 35 was the worst!!!)
Somehow I feel freer now...I LOVE it...(my Big Sis says 60 is even better...)

cate said...

Love your Williamsburg pix!!! Be sure and take pix of your steeking fear as you go. I would love to watch you do it before I attempt it, you are so much braver than me. See you in Jan at the spin/knit meeting. catie

IndigoMuse said...

I love Williamsburg, especially at the holidays. One of my dreams is to decorate the front of my house Williamsburg style one year, with the apples, oranges and pineapples. I'm glad I didn't bother this year, it certainly wasn't cold enough for everything not to go to mush.

Can't wait to see you for the holidays!


dixygirl said...

Great pictures!

Hope you have a very merry Christmas, too! (and it's just hair ya know... :) )

Mary said...

I love seeing all the different ways they do wreaths -- they're fabulous, aren't they? Great inspiration. (Just so you know, the pictures seem to overlap a bit when the blog is viewed in Firefox). Anyway, LOVE the chicken tape measure! And your socks are great.

Birdsong said...

I am so envious... I bought a book of Williamsburg Christmas decorations and how to make them at least fifteen years ago, and have wanted to see it in person ever since. Thanks so much for sharing, and Happy Holidays!

Anne Margaret said...

You had me at the sheep - but I LOVE the chicken tape measure!! What fun to have a sister of the flock! Funny how my dad looks like Santa too, but he refuses to grow out his beard and is too cranky to put with all the kids - and he had four of his own! And I had my picture taken with Santa, too, this year. The similarities are starting to scare me....