Sunday, December 03, 2006


Done--no, not with my knitting...though I am still knitting, just a little at a time. A row here and there...

This morning it looked like Christmas had thrown up at my house...I finally have it all in order! Before I show a few pictures, it occurred to me that when you start showing pictures of the inside of one's reveal a lot about yourself! You all know I'm a sports nut and I hate housework---you'll soon see!
Since the children are all grown I stopped trekking out to the Christmas tree farm or tree lot to find the perfect tree...we used to have this wonderful farm where you could go to--a hay wagon would pick you up in the parking lot, you'd ride out into the farm singing carols (and laughing all the way--no pun intended--just a funny guy at the helm) you'd arrive at the barn where you are received with saws and all the things needed to find that perfect tree...then you trek out into the farm find your tree, saw it down pull it to the main trail where the *jolly wagon driver* would take you and your tree back to the'd have hot chocolate or hot cider, cookies you could purchase wreaths, bows and ornaments. They also offered homemade jellies and other canned goods...then they'd wrap your tree in netting--finish up with your purchases then they'd haul you back to the parking was a lot of fun---but this farm closed down years ago---too bad! I would inevitably end up with the *Griswald Tree*--in other words...HUGE and would have to cut it at the bottom and the top--nothing you could do about the 'fatness' of the tree. You'd just have to lean way over to look at the person sitting in the chair across the room! They just don't look that big in the great outdoors!

ANY WHOO--on with my tree story...about 3 years ago I decided to purchase a tree that would always fit in my small living room--yes, a fake one! My boys hate it...Julia has never said one way or another what her opinion is about it so I'm assuming she's okay with it as long as there is something under it for her come Christmas morning! I also have fake smell to go along with the fake tree...I have one of those cute little *tart burners* that I put my *balsam* smell in!


The ornaments are for real!! I have so many that I can't place all of them on it...each year I collect an ornament and date it...I have all the ones the kids made in school...some are made for me and others I made. I personally don't like a tree overloaded with ornaments, maybe some do. The angel on top is one I made for my Granny...when she passed away Mom gave it back to me--no other topper will do any more! I pretty much try to alternate the ornaments each year so that I get use out of all of them. I can't get rid of any--especially the ones the kids made when they were little.

( is the time for Mary & Kimberly to look away or you may throw up)

Some of my favorite ornaments--

There are just too many to display them all...

But I must show my Santa collection--

JH and I went to a Christmas Market Fair at a local High School yesterday...we spoke with a couple who owns an Alpaca Farm...VERY close by! I didn't even know about!!! Check out their website Enchanted Hill Alpacas--very nice people! Their yarns and fibers are so dreamy! You'll be proud of me though...I didn't buy any---yet!

Keep on Knittin' & Spinnin'!!!


dixygirl said...

Huh, I didn't know there was an alpaca farm that close by... you really shouldn't share these things until AFTER the holidays! :)

Robin said...

Didn't see an email link for you. If you're interested in info on a knitting retreat in VA in January, please email me.

somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

How cool is that? I know I have a VT one somewhere in the boxes, too. :)

Mary said...

Well, it would be terrible if your cat knocked over the tree and broke all those Dallas ornaments. Just a real shame.... (Teasing!) ;-)

gourdongirl said...

Love the tree and the ornaments. did I notice a Saltire there too?

IndigoMuse said...

Be a shame if those UVA ornaments got broken too :)

And alpacas, so close by. Field Trip!


Sangeeta said...

You all are quite the football fans, aren't you?