Thursday, December 28, 2006

Sheepies, Sunsets and Spring??

I have 2 new Sheepies to add to my collection, but I think one will have to remain in the Seasonal collection...the other can take up space with all the others...These are from my buddy NC.

I had a wonderful Christmas--as a family we all agreed to minimize Christmas. It has become so much about the spending and how much you get so we agreed to cut back and make one gift count--make it meaningful! We couldn't have had a better Christmas...well, one minor problem arose but I was able to get through it--with a lot of encouraging help from my hubby and other family members. The oldest son brought the 'TGFH' to our family gathering--knowing she wasn't welcome--not by just me but everyone feels the same way about her...please don't jump on me about this, you have to hear the whole story--and it's a long one, but if you've ever watched an episode of Jerry Springer--I think you get the picture. The only way I got through it was by remembering that this is the Christmas season...I tried to give her a chance to change...but she screwed that up royally! Okay...I've got to change the subject before I really bore you all!

Santa was VERY good to me...Our trip to Williamsburg and my spinning wheel was to be my Christmas but he surprised me with a beautiful handmade jewelry box--he made it! He'd been hiding it around the house trying to allow the glue to dry and keep it from me! I was floored...he totally surprised me. I love to get handmade gifts...and give them as well. All the socks and sweaters I made were much appreciated! Hopefully my youngest son's girlfriend will take a picture of him in the sweater and send it to me so I can post it. Mom doesn't want me taking her picture so you can look back to see my posting on her sweater. My Dad couldn't believe I'd made him a pair of socks even though on all the camping trips throughout the summer all I did at night was knit socks?!? Real observer--huh?!

Give a cat a present and....he wants the paper! Since he and Mommy were the first ones up...well, he was actually trying to get me up at 3, which is really out of character for him (Mr Lazy) He knew that there was something special under the tree for him...which he opened by himself.....and.....played with the paper and ribbon! The crinkle bag is just holding all his other toy balls right now...but like everything else with him--"I'm a cat-I can't let you know I LIKE something! His Tu-Tu got him some treats that he's pigging on! (In case you are mother is Tu-Tu--in Hawaiian that means Granny, Mom wanted the kids to call her something different and on a trip to Hawaii she found this out). I made doggie treats for all the family dogs, neighborhood dogs and some of my BlogBuddies pups. Since I don't have a dog...I make it a point to spoil everyone doggies!

I know in the BlogWorld there's "Saturday Skies" but I have to show Today's sky---

What a beautiful sunset!! "Red skies at night--Sailors delight!" Tomorrow's forecast is for temps in the 60's! And the calendar says December...almost January! I think we are going to get in for it come Feb/Mar!

Here are my guys...taking in the sunset!

And a taste of brother gave me a Winter Jasmine which I LOVE because if offers me flowers in the coldest--bleakest of winter...even though we haven't been that cold. It should bloom through March...This plant is about 5 years old and I'm taking starts off of it to place in other parts of the yard...pretty soon I'll have blooms the entire winter...all over my yard!

Be sure and check back tomorrow....

Keep on Knittin' & Spinnin'!!! I'm still looking for the man with no toes!


Nikki said...

You know, for years all Bartholamew got for Christmas (from me anyways. Mom always got him toys) was a brown paper bag because it made him the happiest.

I saw that sky tonight... gorgeous!!!

Sangeeta said...

The great thing about housecats is that they can be entertained for hours by free "toys!"

Looks like you had a great Christmas!


Nana Sadie said...

So glad you had a good holiday - wish I could get MY family to go with the ONE nice gift will never happen! :(
What great photos...and LOVE your sheepies!
Mr. Ace looks like he's happy and THAT's what counts!

Krista said...

I posted a sunset that looked just like yours! It's gorgeous!

cate said...

I love your pictures!!! Glad you had a great day. Ours was good as well. Sorry bout silly girl. See you soon, cate