Tuesday, December 05, 2006


MEN....No it's not what you think...I'm not *Man Bashing* here. I was beginning a post exclusively about my wonderful hubby...when I found this:

Pretty cool huh? I've tried to coax hubby into knitting but he said he'll stick to watching me...especially after my recent *Knitting Injury* which, by the way, is much better. My paraffin bath arrived today!

About my wonderful hubby...

He's started a new website; Appalachian Flutes. He's a VERY talented woodworker and after meeting Running Deer at Mudfest--I mean Fall Fiber Festival and chatting with him and other flute builders online he built his first one...then another and another...well I think you get the picture. He's hoping to sell enough to get him through retirement, that's why he's starting now to make sure it's a worthy venture. These flutes are so beautiful and *sing* so well, it's pretty amazing. The first one almost became kindling...but he kept working with it until the songs emerged! Please take a moment to look at his website and see the ones he's already finished.

Now...the reason I was on YouTube--I was looking for some video of Native American's playing flutes...and I found this character! All the way from Scotland!!

I just love the Scottish accent!!

When Running Deer was explaining how to play a Native American Flute he connected playing and the breathing as to how you would play a bagpipe!

Enjoy...and again, check out hubby's website and leave a comment if you would!

Keep on Knittin' & Spinnin'!!!!


Mary said...

What a couple of great videos! I wish I knew a male knitter I could give that DVD to!

Aprilynne said...

So far my knitting converts include two guys =) yaay

the flutes are awesome