Thursday, December 21, 2006

Merry Christmas one and all!

Merry Christmas one and all!
I'm not sure if I'll be posting before Christmas gets here so I want to wish ALL my "Fiber Friends" a VERY, VERY Merry Christmas! Things are going to get busy....I have more Doggie Biscuits to make!
I'm trying to get a cold, there is a fellow worker who doesn't know how to cover when she sneezes, coughs and oozes! And she sits right behind me--I don't have to worry she probably doesn't even know what blog is!
I'm using my Zicam--Echinacea--Vitamin C and lots of water! Yesterday I came home from work...bundled up and slept! I don't wanna be sick for Christmas~~~I was supposed to meet some pals for dinner and didn't go...boohoo, but I think in this case it's better to receive than give! I don't want them mad at me for getting them sick! Sorry guys!

Now...on my last post I said Santa has a secret---well, I'm getting my Christmas wish!! Yep--the Kromski Sonata is on order! I won't have a picture of it to show you on Christmas morning...Mr. Simpson has it for me! WooHoo!

And about Santa...

As everyone who reads knows I have somewhat of a twisted sense of humor...(as previously stated). And it seems that some people are offended by my decorations--Tell me what you think!?

I was just giving ole Santa a ride! (I want it all)---that's my story and I'm sticking to it! After all he IS my Dad!
Now I know you've heard me say that over and over but I have proof!

This is the first time I've had my picture taken with Santa since I was very, very small! Of course, we are both too big to sit on his knee, not to mention he has 2 brand new knees and I don't think his doctor would be happy about his explaining that he needed another surgery because of a "Santa Injury"! That is his real beard--and with the Santa hat on he really looks like the Jolly Ole Elf! During the summer when we are camping kids are always calling him Santa even though his hair is the same color as mine but the beard is naturally white!? Two weeks ago he, Mom, my brother, SIL and niece went to Disney World...he wore his Santa hat in the airport and on the plane--he had kids sitting on his lap during the flight!! Funny thing happened in the airport...his knees and one shoulder set off the security alarm, he of course, was singled out and "wanded" the poor little kids were going by with this look of fear in their eyes...."Santa? A Terrorist??" Dad has a lot of fun doing this and the kids just love him!

I'm going to sign off this time by again saying....



KnitNana said...

hehehe Robin! I love the back of your car...and that's a great photo of you all.
You have a wonderful Christmas, and whatever you do, stay well...

Bobbi said...

Wow, your Dad IS Santa!!!! How cool is that!?! Merry Christmas Pal.

Mary said...

That's so cool that your dad is Santa! And I think your "decorations" are a hoot! (Of course, I don't have small children who might get upset...).

Robin said...

Man, how cool to have Santa Claus as your Dad!! That's wonderful that he enjoys playing the part!