Wednesday, November 29, 2006


I may be a Knittin' Chick but I'm also a copy cat...I just couldn't help myself! I was reading blogs yesterday...since I couldn't knit--but guess what...

Last night--I KNIT ANYWAY!!! I know, I know...come on I just can't sit and do nothing! I finished up my spinning (the chick ornament is sitting on it) and didn't want to start another fiber so late last I knit a little--after I soaked my hand in hot water & epsom pain at all!

Back to the blog reading...I happened upon Anne Margaret's blog via Mary's blog (yes, I'm shamelessly promoting my buddies blogs) and found out about this cute little ornament:

I HAD TO HAVE IT TOO!! The only thing I have to change about it is...the book Mr Rooster is reading is entitled "Parents to Be"---I'll be changing that very quickly! I'm WAY beyond the having babies stage--in fact, it would be the immaculate conception if it did happen!

But I'm not so sure that I'm going to just use it for Christmas...I think this is a year 'round item! Thanks Anne Margaret for posting about his little cutie...I hope you don't mind I bought one too!

I also wanted to remind those interested in the Holiday which takes place tomorrow--


My St. Andrews Flag will be flying...proudly, as always!

You'll think this is crazy but I do play the Haggis Hunt game on the Scotsman webpage--I have won in the past! It's a fun game to play but enjoy the webcams...seeing the scenery of Scotland. My favorite little town from the webcams is Oban...but this year they've added the Mull of Galloway (also click here)lighthouse!!!!! Which by the way I first learned about from my EXTRA SPECIAL buddy GourdonGirl--Happy St. Andrews Day to you...!

Well...I'm going to close as always...because...I'm going to knit anyway (after I soak my hand)!!!

Keep on Knittin' & Spinnin'!!!!!!!

ps--I want to thank everyone for their sympathies, remedies and kind thoughts about my hand...I'm doing everything suggested to heal up FAST!

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