Friday, November 24, 2006

FO Friday...

One month-one day....and counting!

I have another Christmas Present finished!!'s hanging a little crooked--

NOW--I have a couple more pairs of socks to finish and my Christmas gift making is done! I can't really believe I've accomplished as much as I I have to pat myself on the back.

Thanksgiving Day was a good one...I stuffed myself! Just a few things I'm thankful for are:
**My Family
**Good health
**All my Friends (Knitting/blogging buddies and others)
**Tony Romo (my Cowboys won yesterday)
There are so many to list...

Other happenings of the day were--
Granny Bowl 2006
Well...we didn't have all the players we had before, so this years game consisted of my 'almost 5' year old niece playing...with her own set of rules, which we had to follow! It was one got hurt!
Here's this years pic--

I know...I know--I look '3 sheets in the wind' but hubby didn't take a second picture!

Speaking of the 'almost 5 year old' niece...

When she sees a camera...the *hamming* begins! Model material??

I can't wait to give her her Christmas present...I had my sock knitting with me yesterday, and the question came again--"Aunt Robin, will you teach me to knit?" Be still my heart...When we were in Asheville I found the knitting kit I was looking for!

And...the new addition to the family--Rosalita aka Miss Rosie!

We all had fun playing with her including Sunshine...the kitten!
**Postscript--after Sangeeta's comment I thought I should clarify that Miss Rosie is my Aunts new puppy...

Keep on Knittin' & Spinnin'!!


Mary said...

What a neat little knitting set! And I love that cardigan!

Sangeeta said...

You got a new puppy AND finished that cardigan??

Grumble. grumble.

Krista said...

That little knitting set is great! Much better than the ones I see around town.