Tuesday, November 28, 2006

It's official---

What if the Doctor told you to stop knitting??!! ARRGGHH!!

It's official...I have a *knitting injury*! Have you ever?? I thought about this on the way home from the doctors office...how will I explain the "over use" injury--you see it's the middle finger of my left hand **wink-wink**! My pinky finger also pains me but the most painful is the middle finger.

Here last week I was so worried about hurting myself in the Granny Bowl and the opposite happened! The symptoms have been coming on since cold weather..so I immediately thought it was arthritis...they have taken blood to check for arthritis, I've been told it's tendinitis from over use! I don't like taking drugs...and am afraid of over the counter medications like Aleve (naproxin sodium) because of their side effects and possible complications! My brother did some damage to his liver with Tylenol! I've been very upfront with my Doctor and he is very understanding of my reluctance to taking medications...
In my opinion, one medication brings on another and another and....I think you get the picture. I believe this is what finally took my FIL.

With 2 items left to finish by Christmas...what do I do? Suffer through the pain and finish or give it a rest and offer "IOU's" or the unfinished piece to the recipients?

There's always my spinning wheel!!!
Keep on Knittin' & Spinnin'


Anonymous said...

OH NO!!!! Ever since my Mom's carpal tunnel surgery, I have been careful to take breaks and stretch while knitting. (Especially when the doctor mentioned that I really shouldn't knit while watching TV or riding in the car! When would I knit if I followed his instructions!?!

I'm with you on the "meds" front. Do you have any good massage therapists in your area that are good with hands and arms? Good Luck!

gourdongirl said...

Oh boy, any knitters worst nightmare, being told to stop. If only we lived nearer I would have done some for you as my xmas knitting is nearly done.

I'm like you, hate taking medications, will tough things out if possible rather than pop pills!

Take care and maybe you could just do short spells at a time, every little will get you nearer the end product.


Nikki said...

ACK!! get a second opinion, STAT! :) OK. so maybe that's a LITTLE extreme... I do know of a couple good hand therapists if physical therapy is an option. And if you're so inclined, I know a good acupuncturist.

and even if you don't want the names of either, take care of that hand. Better to owe a few IOUs (these are people who will understand?) than seriously injure it.

somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

OMG. I am so sorry. I always hate it when my wrists hurt. Hope you get better soon!

Anne Margaret said...

So this is how you know so much about knitting chickens!!! Thanks for the comments at my blog. Shopping at Hallmark sounds like just what the doctor ordered!

Mary said...

Well, I know I couldn't make it through my monthly cramps-like-childbirth if it wasn't for 800mg of ibuprofen, which, in my opinion, is a miracle drug. And it's not harmful to the liver like Tylenol is. I just have to take it with food, as it can irritate my stomach, otherwise. But I try not to overuse it for every little thing. If I were in your situation, though, I'd definitely use it. It is fantastic as an anti-inflammatory.

IndigoMuse said...

Oh the humanity. I can totally relate to your injury with not being able to spin for the last three months. I highly recommend taking some Advil (just not long term as there are some side effects) and let your fingers rest for a few days. A tiny bit of knitting here and there won't hurt but nothing full fledged. Also, ice your hands from time to time and you'll be back up and knitting again in no time. You still have plenty of time to knit between now and Christmas.


Anonymous said...

It is definately the worst! I had to not knit twice...last year when I broke my arm and this past summer when I had surgury on my wrist! I'm not even as avid a knitter as you are, and it drove me mad! Here's to a speedy recovery!