Monday, December 01, 2008

December Already??

WOW...time really does fly! I'm going to try to get this train back on it's track, so I pick the busiest time of the year to do so!

I keep telling you I've been knitting...and I swear I have, but I first want to tell you about the Drumstick Dash! ...and of course show you some pictures.

Talk about was below freezing when I awoke Thursday morning and by race time it had only gotten up to about 32 degrees! But it was all for a good cause. With almost 5000 people registered,both runners & walkers I'd say it was a great success. (at the start of the race they announced that there were 4800 people registered with people still registering as the gun went off)

I met up with my running/pace partner and friend Dani at registration~~can you tell we're freezing? And she's from Canada.

Gratuitous Rudy shots...My little cheering section came along, doesn't he look smart in his little sweater!

Here we are at our starting spot...which by the way next year we'll move further up. The bottleneck was pretty bad and slowed our time down some.

My faithful Hubby and Lil Rudy are waiting for me at the finish, and of course I was Rudy's human salt lick as you can see.
I didn't get any pictures but among the walkers were my daughter, Mom, brother, SIL, favorite niece and their 2 dogs...Daisy & Duke.
Afterwards...I felt NO guilt about filling my plate and stuffing myself!

All in all another great experience. I didn't place nor did I expect to but I did better my previous race time by 4 minutes and my mile time by a whole minute!
Hmmmm, the Jingle Bell Run is in 2 weeks...can I do it? Hmmm.....

Oh...about the knitting, that'll give me something to blog about later this week!

Keep on Knittin' & Spinnin'!!


issy said...

Licks are better than cheers! Love the pic of you and Rudy!

Aunt Kathy said...

Bravo... and when I finally reach lifetime with WW I too will join in on runs and walks like these. Isn't being able to live life wonderful?

Dani said...

Ahh, don't we look all sweaty! You set and awesome pace Robin, I will run with you anytime! Congratulations!

Bobbi said...

Yo go girl!

Channon said...

I'd run like the wind to get back to Rudy too. ;) Congrats!!!!

Opal said...

Congrats on your great run time! Rudy is, as always, too adorable for words. :)

gourdongirl said...

Congratulations on doing a better time. Good on you!

Anita said...

Good for you on the better time! Even with getting caught up behind others... you go girl!

And Rudy does look right spiffy in his little sweater. :)

Diana said...

I'm impressed! Missed you last night. I hope you ae feeling better soon.