Sunday, August 19, 2007


It's DONE!! I've cast-off MS3, now I just need to block it! I guess now I need to get some blocking wires....something I've been putting off!

Since I've photographed the other end I thought I'd show you what the "wing" looks like...pretty huh?
Feels good to have a FO, even if it isn't blocked yet!

Something I haven't blogged about is a project I've been working on...I know you've seen it on other blogs before. Here...Here...Here...and Here, I know there are so many more, just Google Tulip Baby Sweater!
I love the pattern...the colors and the endless combinations that can be obtained by using left over yarn, and since we are going to have some new additions to our family, I bought the pattern. Ravelry has helped the process of logging my stash I uncovered some of this yarn which got those creative juices flowing.

A couple years ago I had a natural dyeing demonstration at Explore Park using Indigo, Osage Orange bark & Red Madder root, if necessary click on the picture to enlarge. I Kool-Aid dyed a couple skeins using cherry & grape in an attempt to get a full color range. I am going to ask for your help here...The pattern shows 8 colors, since you can really create your own color combination, do you think I need to add another color or 2? Or leave it at 6 colors for my sweater? I'm okay with going with what I have, I just need some additional input to convince myself.

Keep my step-daughter in your thoughts and prayers...she's not due until Sept 23rd, her blood pressure has gone up, she started contracting on Monday which they were able to stop but she's on complete bed rest! We need a couple more weeks for the baby's lungs to mature, I feel confident that she'll make it because they haven't started giving her steroids for the baby. But you just never know what may happen. Help us send positive thoughts her way! The ultrasound she had on Thursday showed that the baby already weighs over 5lbs!

I guess I'd better get started on the baby sweater!?!?!?!

Keep on Knittin' & Spinnin'!!


Sue J. said...

Oh, just stunning, Robin! Good for you for finishing MS3. What an accomplishment. I, too, love the tulip sweater. I'm looking for yarn and pattern on the net. Any ideas? You are obviously having a great weekend.

JustApril said...

The MS3 is beautiful already! I think the colors you have are enough, if that's what you want to do. It'll be really nice in those colors. I'll be thinking about your Step Daughter!

Gammy aka Peggy said...

Wow, that is going to be gorgeous. I hope to get mine off the needles soon. I've had family gook going on that has slowed me down. Be sure and let us know when you have it blocked. And I just love that Tulip Baby Sweater, ti is so cute!!!!

Nikki said...

I think the colors you've got are just fine. It'll be very beautiful and even more special since you dyed them yourself!

Your MS-3 is beautiful!! I can't wait to see it all blocked.

Of course your step-daughter will be in my thoughts and prayers (y'all too!)

Bobbi said...

Wow! That's a little freaky; I finished my lace project this weekend as well. It just needs to be blocked, too!

As to the baby sweater. Why not take two of the colors and split off half the yardage and overdye it to make a darker tone. The combos you have now are great and overdying would compliment it, I think.

Krista said...

Wow! That's beautiful! Two people at my knitting group are knitting it so it'll be great to see their finished projects!

lemmie said...

wow! your shawl is beautiful!!! can't wait to see the tulip sweater

KnitNana said...

Love MS3 (gorgeous!!!) - and hey, why not a light pink and a lighter blue to round out the colors of Tulip?
I'm dying to make one, myself, but don't have a little girl to make it for...I supposed I could do primary colors?
Step-daughter is in my prayers!

Susan said...

That baby sweater is going to be so CUTE! I'm keeping your stepdaughter in my thoughts and prayers.

Margaret said...

Your MS3 is gorgeous! I'm setting mine aside for a while.

I kind of like the colors you have for the little sweater, without adding any more. They all have a nice soft look together.