Thursday, August 02, 2007

Friends & FO's

Check out my calendar for this month...

In case you can't read it, the quote is:
"One of the best ways to keep a friendship, is to return it"~~Anonymous
I've got a lot of returning to do! Because I have some REALLY GREAT friends!

Including my "Cosmic Twin" Bobbi, who sent me this package. She's introducing me to my Norwegian Dutch know the Vikings did invade Scotland (I'm not sure if the Dutch invaded though). Check out the's titled: "The Silk Spinner", the Harley pin is for Hubby, the mints are (as she describes) what they would be given on Sunday mornings at the beginning of the Sermon...they would suck on them until they were gone...she said that usually when hers was gone the Sermon was over. Back in the day my Grandfather (and other men in the Church) had the first of those watches that had the little "beeping" alarm on them, they were all set for about the preacher had a little reminder to "wrap it up"! The golden Dutch coin in the package had to go right in the was a little soft! I even love the wrapping paper she used...another trait my Granny passed on to me, saving paper!
**Correction~~It's Dutch not Norwegian...sorry for the goof!

I finally have a Monkey off my back needles! I find it much easier to knit something mindless while riding, and since I've been neglecting these socks since I've been working on other WIP's in my basket, they went on the trip with me! DONE...and...NEXT!! I'm perusing my patterns to see what strikes my fancy next!

While in PA I did go to The Mannings and Misty Mountain Fiber Workshop. No, I didn't buy much...this was such a "whirlwind" trip I didn't have much time for shopping. This was BIL's (muggle) first trip to a yarn shop, so I told him to pick out some sock yarn and I'd make him a pair of socks, he was quite amazed at all the inventory they (The Mannings) carried, the same reaction I had on my first visit. It was nice to see the owner Carol again, we had a nice chat...while the men were enjoying the front porch rocking chairs. If you've never visited...its a MUST~~5 stars all the way across the board!

IF you happen to be in the area or make the trip for this, Carol asked me to post about their Knit-In coming up August 11th from 10am-4pm, all they ask is you bring a chair, your lunch and your knitting or spinning wheel...NO structure...NO fee, just a day to knit with old and new friends. Door prizes, cookies and cold drinks will be available. The event is held outside on the grounds but seating will also be available inside if necessary (rain).
Misty Mountain sits right in between two of our favorite art galleries! So while I poked my head in the "fellas" visited the galleries. She has a nice selection of looms and offers both week long classes and weekend classes to suit your schedule...even private classes!

Well, I've gotta go get my stuff together for tonight....Knit/Spin Night!

THANKS BOBBI...again and again!

Keep on Knittin' & Spinnin'!!


Mary said...

Love your Monkeys! That pattern is brilliant -- it looks great with solid-colored, variegated and self-striping yarns!

Someday I plan on making the trip to mecca, I mean, The Mannings! Glad you got to do something positive on what was probably a sad trip.

Carole Knits said...

Your calendar looks so familiar, LOL. I love your Monkey Socks, too.

Sue J. said...

Your monkey sock look great. Nice job. Seeing yours spurs me on to try a pair.

lemmie said...

love those!!!

Sangeeta said...

Welcome back! I can't believe you have another FO! Where do you find time for all this?

Bobbi said...

Correction: that would be an introduction to Dutch heritage not Norwegian. Delft is the region in the Netherlands (Holland) where the white china with blue painting is from.
You're not much if you're not Dutch!

gourdongirl said...

Welcome home. Love the "monkey sox". One day, one day........(she dreams) theat she will make it across the pond and visit all these wonderful places you visit! But most importantly I WILL visit you!

Much love XXXXXX

JustApril said...

Wow awesome gifts! The socks are so cool, very matchy matchy, too. That always amazes me when that happens.

Dianne said...

My warmest condolences on the loss of Hubbys Uncle..
Glad you got to see The Mannings again..I could do that frequently..and Misty Mountain is very nice also..just not much yarn to select from..but other nice items..hugs!

Terri said...

Those monkey socks look terrific. I really MUST try this pattern. Everytime I see them finished on a friend's blog, I get the urge to go look for needles and yarn. :o)

Becky said...

Oh, I love those Monkeys! I'm going to start a pair as soon as I complete my Jaywalkers.