Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Guess What?!?!?!

Guess what I bought myself yesterday?!?!?



I will be using this to knit it up!

Happy B-day To Me....Happy B-day To Me!!

Thanks to EVERYONE for all these Birthday wishes yesterday! My niece, Maggie is Hostessing a party for me tonight...this should be interesting!

Keep on Knittin' & Spinnin'!


JustApril said...

That is going to be BEAUTIFUL! Very pretty fiber!

Nikki said...

Very Beautiful!!

I hope y'all have a most enjoyable party tonight :)

Mary said...

That'll be way cool! And that yarn is about as fine as I've seen -- nice job!

gourdongirl said...

The yarn is beautiful. any ideas what it will be knitted up into?

Enjoy your party tonight. xxxx

Diana said...

I do hope your Birthday was a very happy one and you got lots on sweet surprises!
Are you doing the Bee shawl or stole? I've decided on the stole.
Your spun yarn is gorgeous, OF COURSE!

Marianne said...

Mercy that shawl is SO beautiful!
Have a great time at your party!

lemmie said...

this yarn is gorgeous! happy belated birthday!

Issy said...

I love the yarn!1 It will Bee(!) fantastic for the stole. I bought both Bee shawl patterns. Wgen I will get to them is another matter!
Ravelry is a giant plot to suck the whole knitting/crocheting world into the vortex. Wish I'd thought of it! Wish I had time to photo my stash! Just books so far on my page. Happy Belated Birthday!!!

Margaret said...

The Bee will be stunning in that color! Can't wait to see it. I like the stole better than the shawl, and just need about eleventy extra hours in each week to find time to knit it!

Sunflowerfairy said...

Stumbled upon your blog.

Beautiful choice in pattern and homespun.

It's so delicate, yet the color is so bold. Love it!

(ps. left a comment on shut up I'm counting's blog- I went there and entered. I hope you win the Knitting Without Tears and cotton so I can win the seasilk. Hehe.)