Friday, August 10, 2007


This year "My Day" (actually it's turned out to be a week long celebration) has brought me some fantastic surprises!
Flowers from my WONDERFUL Hubby!

A surprise package arrived in the mail from my "Cosmic Sister" otherwise known as Bobbi! These socks are so comfortable, but I need this heatwave to break so I can wear them! I read on her blog about these socks and had no idea they were being made for me!! They fit perfect!

Of course, you already know about "The Party"! I hope that she's doing all the planning for her Daddy's B-day...he turns the BIG 40 this year! ~snicker...snicker...hee...hee~

I've been working on several can't do anything outside these days. We've broken some old records by the heat. Wednesday morning I woke up at 5am to find out that it was a muggy 80 degrees (about 93% humidity)! The air is so thick you feel as though you can cut it with a knife. Yesterday my truck registered 102 degrees! We've had 100+ temps all week long!

One of the projects is for my latest KAL Football-a-long, we've been challenged to make sweaters for Cubs for Kids.

MS3 clue 6 came out today...I'm still about 2/3 of the way through clue 5, yes I'm still behind! I'm afraid Ravelry is going to make that worse!

Other new projects are in the works!

I hope all have a nice weekend...and if you're suffering with this heat~~get inside...and

Keep on Knittin' & Spinnin'


Sue J. said...

Hope your weekend is great, too. I can't believe the heat you all are having. We are finally free of it. I finally analyzed why I'm not spending as much time knitting. You guessed it-blogging and Ravelry. I'm going to have to develop some will power.

Marianne said...

Those socks are SO pretty! those colours...oh they have just a little bit of yellow in there also? I may have that colourway...6673? maybe? I just love yours!

Mary said...

I love those socks! Love the patterns, and the colors, and especially how they match perfectly, right down to the brown yarn at the toe. Gorgeous.

Looks like someone is knitting up UVA colors, maybe? Isn't that blasphemy, down where you live?