Monday, April 09, 2012

Spinning Spaghetti

OH know how when you start eating spaghetti it tends to grow?  You eat and eat and the bowl/plate never seems to empty....

Well, that's what spinning this merino feels like!  This started as a 3 1/2 lb fleece I bought...the processing was so labor intensive that I sent it off to Ohio Valley Natural Fiber for processing. When this "beehive" arrived--I just love it.
The fleece had a lot of trash in it and so there is still small bits that I have to pick out as I spin it...not too bad but just enough to slow the spinning process. 

I decided to pull off portions to at least make it feel as though I'm "getting somewhere" with the massive amount I have ahead of me.
Just a mind game I have to play but it really didn't work too well, cause I knew that I had more to spin.

Yes, I am spinning it as gossamer...that doesn't help matters much huh?

I filled 2 bobbins and decided to go ahead and ply them...

From my calculations I have 600+ yds of 2ply yarn in this skein.  It tells me that it wants to be a shawl...maybe dyed!  But what color???

Now I just have to spin something else for a change of pace.  Oh...the decisions I have to make from the stash....wool, silk, alpaca??!!

This weekend the Olde Liberty Fiber Faire is taking place this Saturday (4/14/2012).  I'm going to take my wheel and knitting for some quality time with my fiber friends.  Anybody else gonna go?

Keep on Knittin' & Spinnin'!!!


Dani said...

I'll be there vending Robin!

SissySees said...


I might be there, but only if I get the taxes done before then... and I truly don't see that happening!

Kimberly said...

That is GORGEOUS roving and yarn! :) I have two fleeces that I need to have processed. Is Ohio Valley pretty fast or expensive?

Bubblesknits said...

Wow! That's super thin! I can never get my yarn that fine. Question...what did that run you to get your fleece processed? I've got one that's been sitting for 3 years waiting for me to send it off somewhere.