Sunday, April 29, 2012

Are You Experienced?

If I said the word "Sewerfest" -- what would come to mind? The first time my friend told me about this I was like "what--are you kidding me?" That was 3 years ago, this year we made the journey....and OH MY GOODNESS!!! 
.....and how many have heard of Merlefest? Hillside Album Hour?

Okay...let me start with Sewerfest.  My childhood friend's husband's family used to own the land that the Wilkesboro Water Treatment plant is on right now, but for the past 20 years or so it's been transformed into a 4 day campground for the Merlefest "festivarians" (heard that this weekend and thought it was a fun term to use). I know your first question would be about smell...I promise you there is NO odor whatsoever...well, except for the various foods cooking in camp.

Similar to the campground at the Galax Fiddlers Convention, there is music throughout camp...

Getting to the Merlefest site was easy as pie...they run shuttles from Sewerfest ALL day long and into the night.  Saturday morning we took the first bus to the festival and began staking out our spots...a tip passed on to me from my friend...this is our spot at the Doc & Merle Watson Stage were we wanted to see several bands but the big finale Saturday night was The Tedeschi Trucks Band!!!
BTW....there are 12 stages on the Wilkes Community College Campus--trying to see all those is impossible in one day!

In the meantime we saw many great bands there--

This is Assembly of Dust -- they were AWESOME!!!

This is the spot we staked out on The Hillside....for the Hillside Album Hour performed by The Waybacks.
OH MY GOODNESS....where do I even begin.  Well, being that this was our first experience (note I keep using that word) let me give you a bit of background here.  The Waybacks have played there for several years but in the past 4 years (I think) they perform a particular "album"--hence the "album hour"--they keep it a secret...leaving the audience in great suspense and speculation as to what they are going to do.  In years past they've done Led Zepplin, The Beetles and last year they did The Allman Bros "Eat A Peach" which I will add is FANTASTIC (yeah, I had to buy it there) YOU HAVE TO HEAR IT TO BELIEVE IT....they invite many Special Guests to come on stage with them to help out.

So, this year there was a Facebook Guessing Contest as to what the Album Hour was going to be, the band gives clues and leaves readers to guess.  I read many, many guesses from The Eagles to the Grateful Dead to Fleetwood one really knew.  They come out on stage--set up---and begin tuning and teasing the audience. 

(this pic is towards the end of the show but you can at least see ALL the band and Special Guests--Sam Bush, Jim Lauderdale Susan Tedeschi, Sarah Dugas and John Cowan)

OH...back to the teasing the audience...

The lead singer/guitarist for The Waybacks, James Nash kicks into Purple Haze --yes, THAT Jimi Hendrix tune!!  OH MY....the crowd, including me, goes nuts!!

Yes, they played the entire "Are You Experienced" album...and the Hillside Album Hour becomes 2 hours!!! 

I was so excited when Susan Tedeschi came out to sing with the other guests...

I didn't take my camera to the night concert but Hubby got some pics of the Tedeschi Trucks Band....they were FANTASTIC!!! Derek Trucks a phenom on the slide guitar!!!

There is so much to keep going on about but I think you get the picture...I'm still on Cloud Nine...and Yes, as for Sewerfest/Merlefest.....I AM EXPERIENCED!!! 

We are already making out plans for next year--and we are doing the entire 4 days next time!!!!

Keep on Knittin' & Spinnin'!!!


SissySees said...

Big fun!! I was wondering what Sewerfest was... thanks for explaning.

Lisa said...

Hubby & I did Merlefest somewhere around 1990 and it rained/poured the entire weekend and we froze our bU%%$ off but really enjoyed the experience. Was the "last" live performance of Hot Rize. Sounds like you were completely taken in with the performances :)

Mia Brown said...

I love the top two pictures from Sewerfest and would love to use those on our campground web page and Facebook. We will give you credit for each photo. If you will consider this, please post to Sewerfest Campground Facebook.
I will download from it and place on our website.

Thanks Mia Brown
Town Website and Social Media Coordinator