Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Post Race High....

Hope everyone had a GREAT St Patricks Day!  We did for sure...

Still riding high after the best ShamRockin' Half Marathon!!! We had a great time...enjoy the pics~~

The Boyz see me off on the start!

One of my "Forrest Gump Running Moments" (a great reason to run early in the morning)

Feeling GREAT....2:17 a personal record!

Enjoying my FREE beer!!

Later we went to the pub for dinner and I had an Irish Car Bomb!!  YUMMY!!

And.....the BOYZ had a blast on the beach!

Rudy says....I'm POOPED!!

So is Momma Rudy!!

We stopped at a really REALLY nice yarn shop on the way home...where I found the cutest knitting kit~~Let me just say......LET THE BABY KNITTING BEGIN!!!  (pics to come)
This grandbaby is going to be well dressed in knits....now if we can just find out the gender!!  I think they ALL want a little boy...fingers crossed.

Keep on Knittin' & Spinnin'!!

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SissySees said...

So proud of you!! That's awesome.

Love the photos of you and the boys... and the sunrise. Le sigh.