Thursday, April 17, 2008

I'm Still Here~~

I'm still around....Knittin' & Spinnin'!!


DS #2, Chase, is a HUGE Red Sox fan...and has recently taken up golf. He went out and bought a new set of clubs with all the BoSox accessories he could find with the exception of one thing. I noticed he had the generic golf club covers, so what does a Knittin' Mom do? She designs and knits him some golf club covers! One glitch I had was the fact that today's golf clubs aren't like the golf clubs of old. Thankfully the #5 club is the same size of the "clubs of yesterday", so I had to re size for the last 2 covers in order to fit these "MONSTER" size clubs. I'm not a big golfer, though I do enjoy smacking the ball around...but these new LARGER clubs do make me wonder. Are they just so that the "guys" can pat each other on the back and say "Mine's bigger than yours"!

I'm happy to announce that I HAVE cast on my first pair of socks of 2008 (I don't include golf club covers as socks...or could I?).

They are for Hubby...he didn't want a real tight fitting socks, so I searched and searched for a pattern that wasn't "too lacy" or feminine. This is from Charlene Schurch ,of course, Sensational Knitted Socks 5-stitch pattern Little Shell Rib. I'm loving knitting it...he loves the feel and the look...every one's happy!

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Thanks Scout!!
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The weather here has been crazy...but, of course, it's Spring least it was. The last few nights we've had freeze warnings, so my fear was that my beautiful flowers would suffer. I put them to bed everything...yes, blankets and everything...but I couldn't possibly save my lilacs so I cut this bouquet.

Yes, I AM an allergy sufferer...but I LOVE my lilacs! The tulips really opened up beautifully after I took the picture, I should have waited a little while.

We have a big weekend planned..."The First Camping Trip Of The Season"!!! I can't wait!!!!! Spinning & Knitting is already packed!

Hope you all have a GREAT weekend...

Keep on Knittin' & Spinnin'!!!


jennsquared said...

First, those red sox club covers are awesome! And I was laughing so hard on your comment on the clubs :)

Your flowers are gorgeous! Our flowers are a little behind and haven't bloomed yet. I can't wait.

I'm so jealous of you going camping. I wanna go too! Have lots of fun!

Becky said...

Those are beautiful flowers! The golf club covers are too cute.

Marianne said...

Mmmmmmm, lilacs... divine scent!

Have fun!!!!

JustApril said...

What a great idea for the golf clubs, lol, too cute!

Great Bouquet! I just lost all my beautiful roses to hail =( but at least we got to keep our windows.

Yaay for camping! Have a great time.

lilypily said...

Your flowers are gorgeous. The golf "socks" (yes of course they count) are great. I love the hubby sock. It's looking really nice. That's really nice looking yarn. :o) ENJOY your camping weekend!!! Lucky you. :o)

Dana said...

The golf socks are sooo cute (was your brother thrilled or what?). Hubby's sock and the flowers are gorgeous too. Have fun camping. :)

KnitNana said...

I'd say golf club socks count! And those are gorgeous lilacs..
Have a great weekend!

Anita said...

Your lilacs & tulips are beautiful!!! Gets too hot here for lilacs, I miss them.

Hope you have/had a wonderful weekend camping! :)

emmy said...

Wish I were camping! I was supposed to this weekend but plans changed :( Hope you are having fun!

Funny...I have the same desktop. Gotta love Scout.

Anne said...

Those look awesome :D And I was just telling someone the other day how much I adore having flowers in the house when I can - they certainly do brighten things up!

NH Knitting Mama said...

I love your Red Sox! Came over because of Anne at the Bag Lady and the Pro - she told me I had to! ha ha...

(Not-So) Cynical Gal said...

I love those club covers and can't you count pairs of them toward your socks finished count? I think I would.

Opal said...

I've missed so much in the past week! I'm so glad that Milo and Ace are okay. My heart stopped when I read the post about his hospital stay. Then it stopped again while I was reading about Ace's health hiccup. I'm so glad they're both okay!

Oh! Beautiful flowers and that is one handsome sock. :)