Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Top Ten~Spring Edition

This morning, while reading GoogleReader and visiting my favorite blogs. Carole posted her ten favorite things about Spring...and asked readers their ten favorite.

My Top Ten for Spring:
1-warmer weather...no coats!
2-flowers and the smell of my lilacs (even though my itchy, watery eyes and the sneezing is a result of this)
3-open windows
4-birds singing
5-spinning & knitting by the pond
6-camping, canoeing, hiking & fishing
8-vacations season!!
10-Did I mention....camping?
Now I ask you...what are yours?
Keep on Knittin' & Spinnin'!!


chanknits said...

I might just have to come up with a similar list!

Marianne said...

mmmmm, lilacs.

JustApril said...

Great idea and a great list, too. I'll be thinking about mine for the next couple of days.

Margaret said...

Love your list! Pretty crocus too, ours seem to be really going crazy with blooms this year.

Opal said...

Spinning and knitting by the pond sounds so tranquil. :) Who's your favorite baseball team? For some odd reason mine is the St. Louis Cardinals. I inherited them from my mother. I have no idea why she started following them.

lilypily said...

My spring list would be pretty similar. Replace lilacs with jasmine or jonquils and replace pond with under a tree and you'd be almost spot on. Ok, you could drop the baseball thing too. Maybe add 'seeing baby ducklings at the local pond' in it's place. :o)

Bobbi said...


Becky said...

Great idea. I'll have to come up with a list of my own.

Dana said...

That's a wonderful list, Robin!
I've been caught up lately in the "here and now" and it was really nice be reminded of what's coming up and good stuff to look forward to.

Mmmm...baseball. Never ever followed it until that movie, "Fever Pitch," came out and decided I had to like the Sox, if for no other reason than I'm a knitter. LOL