Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Bloggin' Mojo?

Where, oh where has my Bloggin'-Mojo gone?
(Bloggless JH is prodding the "you know what" out of me to update...someone needs her own blog)

Hey..two posts in two days, do you think it's back?

The time changed really did it's number on me, maybe next year (the Fall time change doesn't bother me) I should plan a vacation for the week after?!

So what's been going on at "The Coop"?




Puppy Sitting!

Ole McFergus had a farm e-i-e-i-oh!

While catching up on my blog reading, Chan posted about her stitch markers purchased from Anita...I knew I HAD to have a chicken...then it occurred to me that I needed a barnyard of animals! So Anita kindly created this set for me...aren't they cute? Check out the chicken's bellybutton! She even threw in an Easter egg marker.
These are not the only stitch markers I've commissioned lately...stay tuned to see my next set! (I see a 3rd post in the future)

I've cast on for St. Brigid...boy, swatching for this really kicked my butt.

This is most definitely "thinking knitting" so don't look for it to be completed quickly. I am beginning to "see" the pattern which will make the knitting go much faster...this is NOT one of those patterns you will easily memorize but you can "read" the knitting, that is after you get going on it.

I also cast on for a new summer top called "Flirty Tank Top" by Y2Knit.

If you are ever in the Funkstown, Md area you must visit this shop! I'm using Rowan Calmer and loving this yarn...it's soft, squishy and has some spring to it. Love it!!!!

The weather is warming up, my Bradford Pear is blooming...and my allergies are starting up. I LOVE Spring~~but it doesn't love me! We had Milo over the weekend, obvious from yesterdays photo, he is SO much fun. Saturday was so nice, contrary to the weatherman's prediction of 90% rain ALL DAY, we spent the morning working outside...hubby on the roof replacing the many shingles we've lost over the winter...me in my garden...with Milo's help.

I didn't get a picture but he also decided to go for a swim in my pond...needless to say he had a bath.

Well...I'm sputtering here...need some caffeine...or a nap! A nap is out of the question as I glance at the clock...gotta go fix supper!!

Keep on Knittin' & Spinnin'!!


Marianne said...

Hah... love seeing him having so much fun in the dirt!
Those stitchmarkers are Cute!

Yep, St. Brigid...that'll take you a while... :^)
Love the flirty little summer top and what a gorgeous colour!

Anita said...

Wow, that does look just like my wrap pattern! I also just bought a Dream in Color shrug pattern that looks like that too. If you hadn't said what your's was I would have thought you were doing the same wrap I am! :)

Thanks for the cute write up about the markers!

Anita said...

Hey, know what else? That shrug pattern I have, I bought peach color yarn to do it with! :)

Becky said...

Have you seen this?

I thought of Milo first thing!

I love the stitch markers. They are too cute.

Bubblesknits said...

I used to have a little dog that looked just like Milo. They have the most precious little faces!

lilypily said...

That pup is just too cute for his own good! :o)

issythomas said...

I love the stitch markers! I must check them out.
Milo is a GREAT gardener, I can tell!
The new tank looks like it will be very pretty. I love the colour. Makes it feel more like spring!

Dana said...

Fabulous stitch markers! The set is just precious. And Milo...where to begin? The "I love dirt" picture is so adorable. It really made me laugh.

Sweaters...gorgeous as always.

chanknits said...

Glad I helped you get your farm set! ;) I've been enabled by so many, it's great to put the shoe on the other foot.

Your knits look great, and Milo photos are ALWAYS appreciated!

Miss Me said...

the farm set is sweet! blog mojo? many of us seem to be feeling a little mojo-less these days...

JH said...

Thank heaven you finally updated. I was beginning to have withdrawals!!!!!!

Margaret said...

I've seen the Flirty Tank in person at Y2Knit! It's really cute. The shop is just a few blocks away from my Mom's, and I got to spend some time there last winter when I was up in MD for six weeks.

Opal said...

what cute stitch markers! and milo is just adorable.

i've lost my bloggin' mojo too. it just isn't easy keeping it going, is it?