Saturday, March 22, 2008

Day 6

I'm taking Day 7 off!!!

Traditional or Digital? This is my dilemma...
I love my traditional SLR camera, my forever favorite formats are B&W and slide film, 'cause this is what I learned on!
Hubby has the digital SLR camera, which of course I use, but not like my 'antiquated' SLR. I can't get the hang of white balance...I have difficulty working with several of it's controls, so basically I point and shoot then touch up with Photoshop.

With my SLR I can get very creative with my with all the features and get pretty good results. The problem? Well, since I use the digital for all my blog shots my SLR rarely comes out unless we are on a trip which means sometimes film will remain in my camera until it's all shot (I know that's not always a good thing). While we were at Hawks Nest I had the opportunity to finish up a roll of film (slide), I had no idea what else was on it until yesterday...and BOY was I surprised!

I love surprises!!

I did use a split filter on this shot, but I must admit the shot taken without the filter was just as beautiful (if I do say so myself)!

The Grand Canyon at Sunset

Taken last June on our trip to Arizona. I see a yarn colorway you?

Will I go digital? Maybe someday but right now I'll stick with what I know!

Have a wonderful Easter weekend!

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KSee said...

Thanks for stopping by. Go back and check out the link about the Easter Bilby.

Rachel said...

OH--I know your dilemma so well. I LOVE my SLR. The versatility of it...and somehow I just feel prouder of capturing that great picture on film rather than digital because I had to work harder at it. But you are right, I started carrying the digital around for ease and it's been almost a year since I have even pulled out my SLR. In fact, this bothers me so much I made that a goal of this shoot X number rolls of film from that camera. Haven't yet started that goal but not in a situation worth taking pictures right now.

Great colors on the Grand Canyon shot!

Nikki said...

very pretty!!!

and yeah for blogging 6 days in a row! I'm so behind in my blog reading I just got all caught up...

Anita said...

Love your photos! If my traditional camera hadn't broken & they wouldn't fix it I'd still be using it. Have to admit though I love my digital, I can take soooo many photos & I can delete the ones that don't turn out, so I don't have to spend the money on those getting developed.

Becky said...

I guess I'm just the opposite of you in one way. I love taking photos, but hate doing all that fiddly stuff on the computer afterwards.

I, too, love my old film SLR, but sad to say, it's been tucked away in the closet for quite a while. I finished up a roll of film not too long ago, and was surprised to find pictures of Onnie as a baby on it! With digital, it's so much easier to just delete the ones that don't turn out. Plus the added benefit of not having to pay for developing, only to have half of your pictures turn out to be hooey.

I resisted a digital camera for a long time, but I must confess, now I'm a convert.

P.S. Happy Easter!

Dana said...

Beautiful picture and that must've been a great surprise. :)

fireflynights said...

Go digital. If you like using SLR cameras, get a digital one. Lots of reviews online to help you select one. Or, get a nice small non-SLR with a zoom lens that allows manual, aperature, and shutter priority in addition to the point and shoot features. The Canon Power Shot series is very user friendly.

We have all the big stuff, but I frequently use the Canon A 540 because it's so small and handy. I'm going to upgrade it to one with an image stabilizer lens since the shutter is not very sensitive and I feel like I'm shaking just to get the shutter to fire.

Yes, there's a small amount you'll need to learn about digital files, but if you get a copy of Adobe Photoshop Elements you will quickly be editing your photos as soon as you take them. This is SOOO much more convenient than film and slides. An Epson printer with archival inks gives you lots of options.