Thursday, February 21, 2008


Personally, I can't and won't wear "butt-floss"~~BUT, I DO own a couple pair of pantaloons!! Do you know what women's underwear of the 1700's looked like? Any guesses?

Is it warm where you are? No? Well, it's not here fact, the weatherman has bad news for us yet again. Yep, more ice is on it's way! I certainly hope he is wrong and we get snow~~but, something tells me it's going to be pretty nasty!

Hey, maybe I'll get another "knitting day" out of it?!
You don't know how POed librarians get when you don't come in...our library DOESN'T close for bad weather. Gotta keep those internet junkies happy! The library isn't just about books anymore!

**begging for more comments guesses here**

My CONTEST ends on Sunday. Thanks for all the really great guesses~~currently there is a three way tie going right now, so someone's gotta break it for me!

Keep on Knittin' & Spinnin'!! (Turtle, you can keep on spittin' if you want)

***Edited 5:30am Friday Morn***
Weatherman rain (yet)...Have to go to work!


Turtle said...

Lol, Ok i'll try! Smile~!

hope i'm in the 3 way! (that just doesn't sound right?!?!)

i used to work at a maritime museum and had the best pair of pantalooms to wear with my 1820's costume. Loved them!

lilypily said...

They probably didn't wear knickers in the 1700s! ;o)

Opal said...

That picture is hilarious. I love it! :)

As for the weather here? I'll just zip my lips. :-x

jennsquared said...

Well... we got snow, and it's still coming down hard... I hope you don't get any ice!

IndigoMuse said...

The weatherman is on our hit list right now. We all wanted to sleep in especially since I don't get to tomorrow (stupid presentation I have to give at 9 am). Oh well, ice and freezing rain would have really sucked if we had gotten it so I'll shut my trap now.

Love the bloomers!

Elaine said...

We've got tons of snow here in NJ with no end in sight. It better stop because I have to fly out early Sunday am. Thanks for commenting on the sweater.

And love the photo of the underwear through the ages!

Karen said...

For once we have a weekend of 40 degree weather forecast! It will be a nice change, but sorry to hear about what's coming your way.
Wore 'butt-floss' once, for our daughters wedding. First and last time for this broad! And I'd guess there wasn't a whole lot of underwear going on in the 1700's for women, but not real sure. I think we need a history lesson, Robin!

Miss Me said...

glad to hear that the weatherman was wrong. i've had enough of winter!
can't wait to see how your contest turns out. i had NOTHING for it, so i'm interested to see the results.

Diana said...

And today it will be in the 50's. I'm letting my woodstove go out! About what they wore in the 1700's I have this silly looking 'slip' sort of thing that has a flap between the legs which oddly comes to the knees! It's got a crocheted bodice and the rest is cotton. Maybe that's it?

CynicalGal said...

butt floss just doesn't make sense to me either...

Jeanne said...

I agree--no butt floss for me.

How about nothing in the 17th century (as far as panty-type things go). That means they just had to squat and pee (hey, gross but that's my guess...)

It's been unseasonably warm and sunny here in Seattle. I've enjoyed it fully, but I know it just means global warming is upon us.