Sunday, February 03, 2008


Yet again I've been Awarded...and I'm blushing! Not only because Terri thinks I make her day but also because I forgot to add this to my previous award.

Terri and I were paired up for the Knitters Treat Exchange, though we are literally a half a world away we've become good friends. How in the world could I have forgotten to add this to my previous post? Terri...forgive me...please! All I can say is when the "gray matter" comes to the outside...(which I have my kids to thank for~I can tell you who gave me each one) memory fails!!
I'm not so sure I can come up with 10, I'll do my best!
1-Shona~the BEST Secret Pal, my twin separated at birth.
2-Bobbi~my "Cosmic Sister"...who paired me up with #1 during Secret Pal 8.
3-Carole~I simply love her blog, read it everyday...another blogger I hope to meet someday.
4-Terri~you are fantastic! Thanks for all your encouragement!!!
5-Chan~a recent BlogBuddy, and as sweet as she can be!
6-Cass~who makes me laugh out loud and have run to the bathroom...come on girls you know what I mean.
7-Tanya~My buddy and a member of the Fab5...
8-Anne~PURE inspiration, what more can I say? I'm having difficulty with this, so I'm stopping at 8...I know there's only 2 left but I just can't narrow them all down! The blogs I read on a daily basis provide me with "something" or I wouldn't be reading them! I don't expect you guys to name your 10. I just wanted you to know that you guys DO "Make My Day"....everyday!

Thanks again Terri!!!

Keep On Knittin' & Spinnin'!!


Anonymous said...

Ewe's very welcome. :o)

Carole Knits said...

Thanks, I'm flattered!

Marianne said...

A fablous list of beautiful bloggers! Some I know of and the ones I don't? I'll be visiting them soon, thank you!

Anonymous said...

Why thank you!! I'm really enjoying getting to know you too!

Opal said...

Congratulations on the award! I do so enjoy coming by and getting to see a little puppy eye candy. :)

Jeanne said...