Thursday, January 03, 2008

Guess What???

(2 posts in one day~amazing)

.....Sunday is~~

International Pajama Day!!!

Don't miss it!!!!

Knit and or Spin ALL DAY in your PJ's.....Yeah Baby!!!

Keep on Knittin' & Spinnin'!!!


jennsquared said...

wow! two posts!!!

I wouldn't miss the PJ day for ANYTHING! I might go to SnB in them! :)

Nat Red Knits said...

My favorite kind of day!!! I am so there already!

Anonymous said...

Oh goody! Count me in!

Great Scot loot in the previous post too.

Diane said...

Well, if it had to happen, I'm just glad it happened on a Sunday. My UPS driver still thinks I'm a bit odd and secretly suspects me of hording cardboard boxes from all corners of the globe. At least he doesn't deliver on Sunday and won't begin to wonder if I'm running a brothel. Tee Hee, I do have sexy P.J.'s. This is a perk of being my age and having all the kiddies out of the nest!

Margaret said...

Do you think if I wear my pj's to the airport for my flight to Atlanta that TSA will give me a hard time?

Karen said...

Feels good to finally leave a comment in the OPEN! :) I didn't know Sunday was jammie day, but I'll be right along side all the other jammie wearers! Think I'll keep mine G-Rated though. :)

Love reading your blog!

Becky said...

My church is pretty relaxed, but I think wearing my pjs would be pushing things just a bit. I supposed I could put them back on after I get home, and spend the rest of the day knitting and watching football in them.

Will that count?