Sunday, October 28, 2007

Weekend Update...

I wish I could load music for this would be the music from SNL's Weekend Report with Chevy Chase or Jane Curtain...

As you know we had a very busy, event filled weekend. DD had a very good birthday, which concluded today with a family cookout and a "friendly" game of football...of course, by Maggie rules! I have to say I think I've thrown out my shoulder, I've taken Advil and put some IcyHot on it...cause tomorrow it's gonna really hurt if I don't!

In sports ...UVA lost...Red Sox won, one more game and they will sweep the World Series...Cowboys were on a bye this week and Maggie's Team won (I was on Maggie's team).

As you all know yesterday was a sad day for Hubby and I, our last time volunteering at Explore Park. As we entered the park we looked at everything differently, taking in as much of the scenery as possible...the smells...making sure we spoke to as many park employees as we could, many we may never see again.
The 18th Century Report~~

There was a flurry of activity, as I sat in in the Hofauger House (19th Century) I could hear the musket and cannon fire and the Virginia Highlands Pipe and Drums played (minus one piper...our friend Sonny became a new pappa this past Wed.~a new little piper named Owen)

Of course there are no pics of hubby but he demonstrated the art of powder horn making on the Frontier.

The 19th Century Report~~
We had a pretty busy day...the flow of visitors remained steady but still down from years past. Tears were shed, but the day went on with a lot of laughter too.
I spent the day spinning... (Hey...I got into one of my "skinnier" dresses)

Hubby and I had to visit Mount Union Church, where we were married. This was very difficult, what will happen to it?

This looks strange because we are dressed in 2 different he a ghost or am I a visitor from the future?!

We stood in the same spot where we changed our lives, for the better, just over 5 years ago.

If you've never visited Explore Park they send you through the centuries by starting in the 17th century Totero Indian villiage...then the 18th century Fort Vause and finally the 19th century where many of the buildings are "original", they've been moved from various locations around the valley. What will happen to them?
One REALLY annoying thing that happened was the "unwanted visitor", which as I was told, has happened occasionally in past months...the man who's supposed to develop it flew a helicopter overhead for about 30 minutes-really low-totally breaking the atmosphere of being in a different time period...another sign to me that he has very little interest in keeping this place historic!

The final photo of the day...(Miss Sherry changed too quick for the shot)
My friends...Dave aka Dr. Tooms; Kimberly aka Mrs. Hofauger; Rachel, Sherry and Me!

Keep those comments coming in the Contest! I'm really enjoying have until Nov 1st!! I hope you all enjoy my blog enough to keep coming back!

Keep on Knittin' & Spinnin'!!!


Nikki said...

aw... I'm both smiling and tearing up for all of it... :(

Dianne said...

It makes me quite sad also..I've always enjoyed Explore Park..
Just know that it IS a better place because of all you and DH contributed and all the beautiful memories you two have will live on.
I sure hope your shoulder is better by tomorrow..Hugs~

emmy said...

Thanks for such a lovely post. I felt as if I had been there with you.

Bobbi said...

I know it was tough, but I'm glad to see so many smiles from your weekend.

JustApril said...

OH! So bittersweet =( Looks like a lovely farewell weekend though. I'm very sorry for you and your hubby and all those who will miss that special place. (and for me, who will never get to go to it) At least they can't take away the memories.

Dana said...

I second Justapril. Bittersweet and wonderful and sad and a range of emotions. I'm glad you had a good weekend at the park, despite the "visitor," but I'm very sorry that it's the last one. The love you and your hubby have for the park really comes through with every word you write.

Marianne said...

"Crying through the laughter" or "Laughing through the tears"?
What a shame, a heartbreaking shame.

I have words for folks like that dude in the helipcopter but will retrain myself here.(seriously, he couldn't have waited until Monday?)

I'm glad you were there having such a special weekend...

Oh, and ouch on the shoulder, I hope it's not hurting too badly today.

Nichole said...

Cool pictures!!

gourdongirl said...

Sad, oh so sad. The past should be preserved for the future generations. Developers are only interested in a fast buck, as a historian at heart it makes me sick to the stomach that all this heritage will be lost to our children and grandchildren.

Terri said...

The photos are great. I can see why you love that place so much. So sad. But good that you had a chance to say your goodbyes rather than just find out it had been closed down by a phone call or something similar.

Birdsong said...

I am so sorry to hear that something that has been such an important part of your lives is ending.

Diana said...

It doesn't make sense! It's a shame everything takes money to survive and then there are those that lack an appreciation for our history.
Nice photo of you and hubby in the chapel.