Sunday, October 07, 2007

Let THE Vacation Begin!

Yep...I'm here at the Beach~~and LOVIN' every minute of it. I've been coming to this campground for about 30 years...there was a time when the staff knew me by name. Mom and Dad used to leave their camper here year long and we would just take off when the feeling hit. I have a lot of memories here over the years. This is the first place my kids experienced "The Beach"!
Hey...the campground has a "Knit Night" on Thursday! Guess who's going?!?! My spinning wheel, Sonya, is with me along with several projects.
Get this...Hubby and I are going to play golf...oh stop laughing...I can play~~a little. As long as I imagine the face of someone I really don't like on the ball I can keep my head down and my eyes on the ball! It'll be fun anyway.

Now, I promised to tell you about my trip by the Fall Fiber Festival at Montpelier.
Remember last year.....MudFest?

This year....

The exact polar opposite! We are experiencing such a drought, I think this picture really gives you a visual! It was quite to be exact, I thought we were in October, not August!

Remember this picture of my feet last year?

Here's my feet from this year!


I didn't get to see as many of my BlogBuddies as I had hoped...because I had such a hard time leaving Richmond!

The first person I ran into was my Good Buddy IndigoMuse...Hey T, no I don't need another fleece! She was trying her best to get me to split a fleece with her, I seriously need to spin up what I've got at home. Then I ran into Mary, it was great seeing you again...we need to go back to "The Melting Pot" (Gee, I wonder if I could stay on WW there?)! I PROMISE I'm going to get to Knit Night!

For all the others...I'm so sorry I missed you!

What did I buy? You'll be surprised...I didn't go overboard, I bought NO spinning mentioned before I have to spin up what I already have. I was happy to see Knitting Notions so I made my only purchase there! Knowing we were heading on vacation I needed to be "reserved" with my spending!

(the sheep are in my collection, I didn't buy any this time).

Hey...has anyone else heard that Sedalia (the website isn't working) is not happening this coming Spring? This is the festival that takes place in Bedford, VA. This was something a vendor told me. If this is true...what a shame, an event that has survived it's first 2 years with rain and bad weather and each year the turnout was pretty darn good!

Stay tuned...more to come!

Keep on Knittin' & Spinnin'!!!


Mary said...

I sure hope that rumor about Sedalia is false -- I love that event! Great to see you yesterday! Have fun at the beach!

Nikki said...

That would be such a shame about Sedalia...

and very lovely yarn you got there...

Margaret said...

I missed seeing everyone except Cville knitters since I was in spinning class all afternoon. First monsoon, then drought, let's hope we don't have a blizzard next year! I'm also hoping it's not true about Sedalia, we had a great time despite the weather.

Have a wonderful time at the Beach!!

Krista said...

Sorry I missed you. I was there for only a very short time. I didn't buy anything but lunch and took no photos. Glad you had fun!

Terri said...

Gee you were strong to resist all that yarn. But I see some green and blue that look very familiar. :o) Enjoy your beach holiday!!

IndigoMuse said...

I remember thinking how brave you were to wear sandals. I had mine on for 3 minutes before I changed into tennis shoes. I took a LONG shower after the dustbowl exp. I think I must have eaten several tbsp of dirt on Sat. I did end up with a small fleece even though I couldn't convince you to split one with me :)

And I hope you're wrong about Sedalia. We need a fiber fest in this part of the state and I'd hate to see it go.