Tuesday, October 09, 2007

A Day In The Life...

Lessons I've learned (also known as "observations") while at the beach: (please, this is meant to be funny...no negative comments...pretty please)

1-The combination of "all you can eat" seafood buffets, otherwise known as "calabash style", and golf carts make you fat! In this campground, especially this time of year, there are LOTS of retirees...who LOVE going out for the "all you can eat"~~but they really should be walking lots more, not riding the golf carts everywhere! Which may also help with your waistline~~see #2 and heart condition~~see #3.

2-If you are over the age of...oh, lets say 40 AND you've been eating the "calabash style" buffets...please don't wear a bikini! Hey, I know what my body looks like...and I'm over 40! Enough said!

3-Just because you are the "youngest" on the beach...doesn't mean you play with your bikini top continuously (tie, re-tie and generally adjusting your "stuff"), you'll give these retiree's a heart attack. I think I saw a couple of them clutching at their own chests.

4-When the sign says "Please Clean Up After Your Pet". This doesn't mean kick sand on top of the "droppings" like a cat...pick it up and put it in the trash...Be a responsible pet owner!

5-Mr Karaoke King (that just moved in 2 sites up) there's no need to prove your talent...we believe you. So please no more George Jones "He Stopped Loving Her Today" or Kenny Chesney's entire repertoire at full blast (both you and your stereo). Please have some common courtesy for your fellow campers...find a bar...because we know alcohol must be a driving force in your ego! Not to mention that the "tear in my beer" music depresses me....hey, I'm on vacation and having a great time!

We put in a full days activity today, first thing this morning we biked 5 miles, walked a lot and fished from the pier.
Tomorrow...Golf! I'll be honest and tell you just how BAD I did!

Keep on Knittin' & Spinnin'!!!


Nikki said...

Sounds like you're getting the full beach experience... however I wish for you no speedos!!

Bobbi said...

Have fun playing my Dad's favorite game!

Mary said...

Five excellent reasons why I'll never go camping!

Sue J. said...

Geez, those same retirees that you are talking about must hop in their campers and come here to Yellowstone. They don't ride around in golf carts. But they do try to take those big motor coaches up the mountain roads and get stuck. Some of them even try river rafting or hiking and have to be rescued by the forest rangers or one of the emergency rescue teams. There are several here. What a hoot!

Becky said...

Great suggestions, Robin. I'll keep them handy if I ever get to go on vacation again.

Have you been able to keep up with football where you are? Cowboys 5-0 after a real heart stopper against the Bills Monday night. Had me clutching my own chest a bit, way too soon after LSU did the same thing to me Saturday night!